Live A Real Life Without Worrying What Others Think

by | Oct 18, 2017 | 31 Days Of Living A Real Life

Ever find yourself worrying what others think?

The other night I was the carpool driver for our women’s group. As I pulled in to the parking lot, the sun graced my dashboard at just the right angle for me to see the layer of dust resting on it. The dust had been hidden from my eyes until that very moment. Wiping off my dashboard could be a weekly activity as we live on a gravel road. However, I hadn’t dusted it for a number of weeks. Now, in a matter of minutes, women would be climbing in my car and would see my dust in all its glory. They’ll see my dust. They’ll think I can’t keep things clean. What else will they think of me?

What will they think?

Am I the only one who ever thinks such a thought? And, who gets concerned with what others might think of me?

Before anyone else climbed in the car, I had to stop this nonsense. I quickly reminded myself to be real. Sure, I could have grabbed a tissue quick and wiped off my dash, but I stopped short of doing that. I allowed myself to be real enough to have others see my dust. I talk all the time about being real. Goodness, I’m even writing about it this month. What does it say about me if I don’t practice what I preach?

Nothing was said about the dust on our drive, and I certainly didn’t mention it. No matter if my carpool guests saw the dust or not, I was real in those moments, by golly.

We can stop worrying what others think.

We can be real instead of worrying.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve done my fair share of worrying what others think. I can remember picture day in 2nd Grade, and I worried about what others were going to think of what I was wearing. In high school I recall worrying what others thought of me being involved in so many activities. In college I worried what others would think if I didn’t continue in my original plan. When Bill and I got engaged just three months after meeting each other I worried about what others thought about us.

I still have days were I struggle with this worry. But, living a real and authentic life has helped stop the madness. Hallelujah!

When we’re focused on living real lives, it doesn’t matter what others think. What matters is living real with God and living real with ourselves. Either others will respect our realness, or they won’t… dusty dashboards and all.

As we live real lives worrying what others think is counter-productive.

It steals our joy and it robs us of all God has for us. It stops us from living real. Here’s a powerful truth from Proverbs:

It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you, but if you trust the Lord, you are safe. Proverbs 29:25 GNT

Continue pressing on, living real. I’ll be over here focusing on doing the same… and if you see any of my dust, rejoice with me, won’t you??




It’s Day 18 of 31 Days of Living a Real Life. If you’d like to catch up on previous posts in this series, you can click here.

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  1. Cindy Wilkins

    Oh boy! You got me on this one! I’m going to read Proverbs 29:25 over and over again! I have rarely done anything or gone anywhere that I haven’t worried about what others thought of me. “Joy stealing” for sure! The saddest thing is that for the most part all that worrying was for nothing because no one noticed the things I was concerned about or didn’t care!!! This is such a good lesson, Julie! Wish I’d learned it long ago!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Cindy, I wish I did too. I’m still working on it. Today I caught myself a couple times in a couple circumstances thinking about this. May God have His way in breaking us of this activity. We are His and we no longer need to worry about what others think. Cheering you on in this, friend! Thanks again for being here!

  2. jennifer smith

    This was great encouragement today! I’m in my mid-fifties (yes, 50s!!) and I still struggle with this….you would think one would learn:) But, seems I still need the reminder. Your posts are so appropriate (and helpful) for me…I have enjoyed looking around and look forward to reading some more! Have a wonderful day!!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Jennifer! Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. I need the reminder too. I’m thankful we get to remind each other… just when we need it, it seems! Bless you. Thanks for stopping in!

    • Cindy Wilkins

      Jennifer, I am in my LATE 50’s and am still struggling! May this be the beginning of our kicking the “what will they think of me” habit!

  3. Kim

    I’ve done this, I do this. Yet, when the tables are turned, I would never think that of a friend. We are often unfairly harder on ourselves than on others. Why?

    • Julie Lefebure

      That’s a good question, Kim. I wish I had the answer. We are harder on ourselves… at least I am. You’ve got me thinking here. I’ll be pondering this. Thanks, friend! Much love to you!

  4. Teresa Snyder

    Yes agreement. The one that matters is God, if I am right with him. People are imp too. But I rarely hear what they say unless they are sincere….. I dont like my joy robbed and need focus time for the things I do.
    I had a nasty phone call at 9am.from a relative. I quickly drew a firm boundary. I cranky friend today I just tuned out , but gave her a massage to relax. After teaching HS for 7, middle school for 10 and college advisement and college success. I had learned alot.

    People need to keep their own side of the street clean. Not come over and try to sweep mine. I am very capable. If my daughter starts sweeping mine. I just nicely say, your side is getting dirty now. She is a neat
    ie, so she back to her side.

    I am not a worrier because I trust Gods wisdom and my own a bit. Never missed a night of sleep when my
    kids were in HS.

    I hope others will move toward that. God has supplied in that way for me.

    Shalom Teresa Snyder

    • Julie Lefebure

      Wonderful examples, Teresa! I rejoice in how you trust God and His provision. What a hope for any of us who struggle with any of this! I’m thankful God doesn’t leave us, but continues to mold us and grow us into the men and women He designed us to be. Thanks for stopping in and for sharing! Blessings to you!



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