When Shine Replaces Shame

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Love God

Each time I visited our fridge I would see the words of truth that transformed my heart…

I love you unconditionallyOver the years, the index card holding those words has somehow disappeared. But its truth remains embedded in my heart.

You see, for decades I wore myself out attempting to earn others’ approval and love… my parents’, my friends’, my brothers’, even God’s. I did all I could to be “good.” To prove myself. I thought what I did determined how much others would love me.

However, with failure after failure, it didn’t take me long to realize I was fighting a losing battle. I could never be “good” enough. Never.

For every two steps forward, I would backslide one. Sometimes even three.

What’s the point? Why continue trying?

But God. God showed me something different through the words above. He used them to open my eyes and to begin a transforming work in my heart.

All this striving? All this wearing myself out? 

I didn’t have to do any of it a second longer. I didn’t have to work for approval any more. Nope, I didn’t have to work for Jesus to love me. I didn’t have to earn His acceptance. And, I no longer had to say the right words, do the right things, or act in a certain way.

Jesus loved me for me. Not for what I did or didn’t do.

Oh the freedom in that right there!

The false sense of personal shame and disappointment of not being good enough had followed me around like a larger-than-life, consuming shadow. What joy to experience its absence in my life!

If I was good enough for Jesus to love, I was good enough. Period.

And so are you, friend. He loves you for you. Not for what you do or don’t do.

That’s the best news all day.

He replaces our disgrace with acceptance. Our shame with honor. Our striving with rest. Our good enough with His best.

Psalm 34 4-5He turns our personal shame into a radiant shine!

You are more than good enough.

Live in this freedom today, my friend. May we encourage one another in the truth of His love today. With Jesus, that false sense of personal shame that we have carried far too long no longer has a place in your life or mine. We have much to rejoice in, don’t we?

Look to Him. Cease your striving. Shine with radiance.

He loves you.


It’s an honor to link this post up with Suzanne Eller for #livefreeThursday! Stop on over there for more encouragement on the conversation prompt of “shame-less.”

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  1. Micah Maddox

    Julie, beautiful words of freedom. I love this and can truly relate. It’s exhausting seeking man’s approval. Oh the sweet rest we find in Jesus. Thank you for sharing! And so happy to connect through #Livefree and Compel 🙂 Love & Blessings from your sister in Christ, Micah

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Micah! So glad you’re here. What a blessing to cross paths with you through #livefreeThursday and COMPEL! Bless you!!

  2. Kristine

    Hey Julie! Shine instead of shame- love it! Have a blessed day, friend:)

  3. Jana Kennedy-Spicer

    Oh Julie thank you so much for these encouraging words today! As women we so need to keep telling each other this truth day after day! You are always such an inspiration. I am so thankful God designed for our paths to cross!

    Blessings friend

    • Julie Lefebure

      Jana, I’m so thankful that God crossed our paths too! So thankful. I continue to appreciate the truth you share. You’re a gift!!

  4. Suzie Eller

    What a beautiful verse! I love it!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thanks, Suzie! God bless you as you continue to host the #livefreeThursday link up!

  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    the weird thing is that the more I realize the degree to which I’m HIS, the more i want to do for Him…and the human side of me gets ever-more exacting.

    it’s not that I’m not enough…it’s that the Relationship comes with a duty…”do this for the least of My children, and you do it for Me”.

    So, I gotta.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Yep, we gotta. I want to do more for Him too, Andrew. Thanks for your thoughts!

  6. astrid

    thank you for your encouragement. that verse in psalms is one of my favorites. #livefree

    • Julie Lefebure

      It’s one of mine too, Astrid! Many blessings to you!

  7. Betsy

    This is beautiful Julie: “From Shame to Shine.” I love that quote you had on your refrigerator. Maybe I’ll write that out on a card. It would be such a good reminder for me and my family to see every day. So wonderful to think we can’t do anything more to make Him love us more. He loves me for me. Thank you, friend!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Amen! “He loves me for me.” I love that reminder, Betsy. Thank you for being here and for your encouraging words. God bless you, friend!

  8. Dawn

    What a truth to hold deep…he turns our shame into shine. We wear ourselves out for no reason don’t we? Burning candles without wicks and wondering why our light fails to shine…and yet if we pause to hear His voice we would save so much energy, our brightness would not dim. He says, we are enough for Him and what a glorious message His grace shines bright for us. Thank you for that reminder, Julie.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Dawn for stopping by and for sharing. Yes, if we pause to hear His voice, we would save so much energy. There’s so much truth to that. Truth for me. Bless you. Have a great week!


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