Trusting God Makes All The Difference

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Love God

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately.

Quiet on my blog, yes. But, quiet in my life? Absolutely not.

This grand adventure with God continues.

And I’m thankful it does. But, this adventure hasn’t allowed me much time lately to hang out with you here. Tonight though, I wanted to at least pop my head in to catch up and encourage one another.

The summer months and our #98daysofsummer have come and gone. It still feels like it should be about May to me. My parents were right when they would say how time flies as we get older. As a child I never understood that, but as an adult, I realize I should have believed them.

School is back in session. Two weeks ago our son transferred from our local community college to finish his Bachelor’s Degree at a university an hour and a half away. With our daughter already living on her own, this means for the first time we are officially empty-nesters. Yikes! My emotions followed the crazy roller coaster week of our son’s move, but now that everyone’s all settled in, I’m doing much better. Friend, that was harder than I ever expected it to be. (An upcoming blog post will be devoted to this very subject soon.)

I’ve discovered that truth found in God’s Word helps steady me when I feel like I’m losing my footing. It allows me to focus on what’s good when life doesn’t feel good. And, it gives me peace knowing that these are God’s very Words, and since they are His, I can rest in them.

So, I fastened myself to this truth which helped me get through those up and down emotions:

Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. Isaiah 40:31CEV

Trusting God makes all the difference. Isaiah 40:31

When we trust God we receive unexpected strength.

Strength we could never acquire on our own. Strength that’s more powerful, more abundant, more peace-filled than what we ever could have expected. When we trust, God gives us His strength right when we need it most to walk through the rough spots of life triumphantly. With His strength we never have to go it alone.

Friend, I’m guessing we all could use some of God’s strength today. Some of us are experiencing hurricanes, or floods, or wildfires. Some of us may be walking through trouble, hardship, or disappointment. Maybe our hearts are heavy for a loved one or maybe someone else needs to be reminded of the gift of God’s strength.

Trusting God makes all the difference.

In every situation we may find ourselves in. In each circumstance of life. And, in our day to day experiences. Trusting God gives us strength.

Even though my circumstances didn’t change, God strengthened me to walk through those days of roaring mom-emotions in our strangely-very-quiet home. He continues to give me His strength daily as I put my trust in Him.

You and me, trusting God has got it all figured out. Trusting He’s in control. Trusting He’s got us.

Because He is and because He does.



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  1. Cindy

    Great reminder! Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to share your wisdom! I always look forward to it!


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