Could You Use A Touch From God Right Now?

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Love God

Not long ago, I found myself struggling.

Struggling to be happy. Struggling to be positive. And struggling to remain hopeful.

I can’t quite explain it, but it was as if a dark cloud had come from over the horizon and settled over me and everything in my life. No one seemed to experience it but me. Everyone else in my life was plugging right along. Clipping along in day-to-day life. No cloud had settled over anyone else that I could see. Just me.

Maybe the affects of what felt like a long winter were taking their toll, or maybe some personal discontentment was getting the best of me and my perspective. Quite possibly both were simultaneously invading and wreaking havoc within me.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 40+ years, I’ve learned I don’t stand a chance on my own. I’m a sitting duck, so to speak, by myself. I’ve tried the “I can do anything myself” mottos. I’ve walked the “I don’t need anyone else” road. And, sadly, I have learned the hard way without God I can’t do much, but with Him, I can be victorious.

I knew I couldn’t get out from under this cloud on my own.

I needed a touch from God.

Maybe my time with Him in the mornings had become routine. Sure, I was studying the Bible, but it’s possible it became more of an item on my to-do list. I prayed the same daily prayers, and hustled through the same morning pattern, which now felt dull and stale.

I decided to pray for God’s life-giving touch in every area of my life.

What can a touch from God can do?

The Bible is full of examples.

God touched the hearts of men. Elijah experienced God’s touch twice as he lay down and prayed to die. With His touch, Jesus restored a dead girl to life, healed two blind men simultaneously, healed Simon’s fevering mother, made numerous people well, cleansed a leper, and calmed the fearful. I could fill this page with many more examples.

One thing’s for sure, a touch from God can change everything.

Friend, maybe you could use a touch from God right now. Could you use one in a larger-than-life personal trial or at a current life roadblock? Would a touch from God be timely in lifting the weight of discouragement, hopelessness, or depletion? Maybe you’ve received devastating news recently or you’re walking through a deep, dark valley of pain and heartache, and a touch from God would be nothing short of a blessing.

Or maybe you’re finding it hard to trust Him in the unknown and you could use some reassurance? Could you use some encouragement, some strengthening of your faith, or some restoration of hope?

It’s a good day to pray for God’s life-giving touch.

When we do, He is faithful to answer. God knows exactly what we need, when we need it. He stoops down and places His touch right where it’s needed, in your life and in mine. And when He does, we are forever changed.

I invite you to join me in a similar prayer I prayed for myself not that long ago…

Father God, You are sovereign above all and in all. You are good and gracious and full of mercy. Your love knows no bounds. Thank you for never leaving us, nor forsaking us. Father, we are desperate for You. We humbly ask for Your touch in our lives and in the areas of brokenness, pain, discouragement, trials, roadblocks, hopelessness, and devastation. Heal us, help us, guide us, encourage us, reassure us, and strengthen us in Your mercy and grace. We desire to shine for You in this world. Equip us to do so. We love You and praise Your holy name. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

God met me and answered my prayer, and brought life-giving healing that day. I pray He does the same for you in your situations this very day.





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  1. Barbie

    AMEN! I’ve been in that place so often over the last few years. I so desperately need fresh touches from Him.


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