Thanking God for Mom

by | Dec 16, 2010 | family, grieving

Four years ago today, my life changed forever. 
I lost the presence of the biggest earthly influence in my life…my mom.  She went home to be with the Lord today back in 2006 on this day.  The last three years, this day has been hard for me, as this day reminds me again that she’s gone, and it reminds me again of how very much I miss her.  I wrote a post on my blog about her last year, and as I was reading again it this morning, I shed my first tears of the day.  Below is the link if you’d like to read it.

So many things remind me of Mom…the women in my BSF discussion group, I see women that remind me of her when I’m out and about, her house plants in our home, her recipes that I make, her Christmas decorations that are now on our tree, and the ones she made for me…so many things.
I remind myself of Mom…the things I say (when I hear them come out of my mouth I’m thinking to myself with a smile, “That sounded just like Mom”), the things I do, how I stand, how I sit, how I eat, even how I look, especially when I wear my hair curly.  There’s no doubt I am my mother’s daughter! 🙂  (I consider that a true gift.)
As I was ironing Zach’s brand-new choir shirt Monday night, trying desperately to get the packaged wrinkles out of this shiny yellow shirt, I couldn’t help but think, “Mom would have been able to do this in no time, and here I struggle.”  She amazed me with her ironing…how fast she did each piece of clothing and how nice it looked after she was done.  Ironed clothes was an important thing to her.  So I took my time and found myself thanking God for Mom, and for who she was in my life.
So many things have changed in my life since she passed away.  She used to come to church with us at Mission of Hope every now and then.  She’d be pleased that I was working there now…concerned for me that I’m doing to much, but pleased.  She would be so proud of Ali and Zach and for who they are becoming.  I couldn’t help but think how Mom would have loved to be sitting next to me last week at Ali’s show choir and choir concerts, and Zach’s choir concert this week.  She loved going to their events, especially the ones with music.  She’d be proud of Bill and I and our marriage, and how we’ve loved each other through thick and thin.  I’d love to hear what she would have to say about certain things in the world today.  She always had a very simple, yet very profound perspective on things. Her wisdom amazed me.
Today I want to celebrate Mom.  Yes, I wish I could spend just one more day with her on earth.  I wish I could hear her voice over the phone.  I wish I could tell her in person how very much I love and miss her.  Even though I can’t do those things right now, I have a sure hope that I will see her again soon, I will spend time with her, I will hear her voice and I will be able to tell her I love her again.  She loved God, she loved Jesus, and she knew Jesus was her Savior, her Redeemer and her friend.  I’m confident she’s with Him now in heaven, and I long for the day when I’m reunited with her there.  I’m so thankful for that hope and reassurance!

I may shed tears today, I may miss Mom today, but I know she’s in the presence of our Lord.  I know she’s taken care of.  And I know she wouldn’t want to leave where she’s at.  She’s experiencing more than my feeble mind can imagine.  I praise God for that today!  I praise God for Mom today!  I praise Him for the countless and priceless memories I have of her and with her.  I’m thanking Him for giving me such a wonderful and blessed gift…having her for a Mom!

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