“I Am Taking Care Of You”

by | Dec 12, 2014 | Love God

I have a few hours at home this morning before going into work. I’m cherishing this time.

All is quiet, except for the hum of our furnace and the Christmas music in the background. My coffee tastes especially wonderful. My dear husband is in the next room sleeping, as he worked last night. My laptop is on my lap here in the recliner, and my heart is full.

It feels good to just “be.”

God reminded me through my devotional this morning a truth this heart of mine needed. The first sentence of Jesus Calling jumped off the page and into my heart.

“I am taking care of you.”

Why that struck me so, I’m not sure. But my heart swelled, and I knew it was “just for me.”

A few minutes later, a text appears from a friend who tells me as she’s waiting to board a plane with her husband for a getaway, that she’ll be praying for me a little extra on Tuesday. She remembered. Tears follow. That’s the day the Lord took my mother home eight years ago. (Eight?? How can that be? Some days it seems like last year.)

Not that I need proof God is taking care of me, but there it is. He put me on my friend’s heart this morning and will again on Tuesday.

Friend, God is taking care of you, too.

I don’t know what you’re experiencing today, but God does. He knows your heart, your dreams, your desires, your life. He knows what you’ve just walked through, what you are experiencing this very moment, and what’s ahead for you tomorrow.

He’s got you. You’re in good hands.

May I remind you to continue to trust. Continue to pray. Continue to keep your eyes focused on Him. You’ll see Him taking care of you.

My aunt and uncle received what she called “a Christmas miracle” this week, as what appeared to be cancer, is not. Praise God! Seeing her post on Facebook filled me with joy. No gift under the Christmas tree can match the gift they received in this news. Their family has gone through much in 2014, and yet God was showing me through her words, even though it’s been a rough road for them lately, He is taking care of them.

May this encourage your heart today, and may you pass this truth on to someone else who needs to hear it.

Since God cares for you, let Him carry all your burdens and worries. 1 Peter 5:7 The Voice

God cares for you 1 Peter 57God bless you, as you rest in this truth today.

Much love,



Photo credit: Jane Sagers (Thanks, Jane!)

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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Julie, you will be in my prayers on Tuesday.

    He is certainly taking care of me. As things have gotten worse, I’m seeing more clearly that the way ahead, the key to hope and productivity, lies along the path of both spiritual and physical discipline. To me, God’s a drill instructor, complete with Smokey the bear Hat and swagger stick.

    “Get up. NOW!”

    And however much it hurts, I know that I’ve simply got to keep moving, keep the blood flowing for both motivation and sheer survival.

    He’s taking care of me, all right – but the care is tailored to fit the man (or maybe the Boot is made to fit the backside, in this case?).

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Andrew. Yes, He’s taking care of us. So thankful for this truth today. Praying for you, too.

  2. Betsy

    Hi there Julie, what a cozy scene you paint here. I can relate because I’m sitting in my living room now enjoying my tree and Christmas lights. How wonderful that your friend remembered about your mother. God does take care of us. My dad lost his wife (my step-mom) this last Saturday, but I too, am resting in the truth that God is caring for me. 🙂 I’m more sad for my dad than for myself, but God is with us for the ups and downs.

    • Julie Lefebure

      It blesses me to think of you sitting and enjoying your Christmas tree and lights, Betsy. I’m so thankful God is with us in all times, in all things, in all circumstances. I’m sorry to read about your step-mom’s passing. May God comfort your dad, you, and your family during this time. It’s hard to lose loved ones, especially during the Christmas season. Thank you for sharing, friend. You bless me!


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