Yesterday we thought a new thought (or at least I did!) about feeling overwhelmed this season… but in a good way.

Feeling overwhelmed is common during the holidays. But, if we allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed in ways that are pleasing and good instead of negative and bad, this season would feel entirely different.

Yes, there are added pressures during the holidays, and some of us deal with sadness and grief through them. Our to-do lists are longer during December, and our finances may become tighter.

Stress grows and joy disappears.

But not this year. This year we’re doing things differently. This year we’re overwhelmed with beauty and grace and peace of the season.

We’re moving from stressed to blessed.

And, we’re being the change we want to see this season.

5 Ways To Move From Stressed To Blessed This Season5 Ways To Move From Stressed To Blessed This Christmas Season

1 – Instead of trying to do more, ask for help and do less.

We aren’t designed to wear capes and be Super Woman or Superman, and we don’t need to do everything ourselves. We can feel less stressed by asking another to help… whether it’s hanging the lights, cutting out sugar cookies, or wrapping presents. It’s much more fun, plus it blesses the other person, too.

2 – When you feel stress rising, breathe.

Do you, like me, sometimes push through the stress? That can often make the stress worse. Next time, let’s stop and take a deep breath. Count 4 seconds while breathing in, hold your breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. This helps to calm us and to focus on something else… the gift of breathing. That’s a true blessing!

3 – Focus on blessings, not burdens.

Let’s begin to consider what’s on our to-do lists and what’s on our plates as blessings, not burdens. Instead of thinking we “have” to do them, let’s change it to we “get” to do them. Considering each a privilege changes our perspectives, our attitudes, and helps us see the blessings.

4 – Take a break.

Pause and take a break from the routine. Go relax somewhere that brings you joy… at home, at a coffee shop, at a park. Even if it’s just on your lunch break. Change up the scenery and immerse yourself in it’s blessings. Enjoy every moment.

5 – Get moving.

Exercise is not only good for us, but as most of us already know, it helps relieve stress. Mayo Clinic says exercise pumps up our feel-good neurotransmitters, it helps shed daily tensions, boosts our energy and optimism, and actually relaxes us. Even if it’s a brisk walk through the neighborhood, or dancing in the living room, a little exercise helps us go from stressed to blessed.

What should we add to this list? I’d love to read your suggestions.

If you’re feeling stressed today, I invite you to pick one of the above today and see what happens. Give yourself permission to move from stressed to blessed.

Thanks for stopping over today.





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5 Ways To Move From Stressed To Blessed This Season

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