Spring Break Days 5, 6 & 7

by | Mar 19, 2011 | This Lefe Family

What a fun week it has been!  I DON’T want it to end!

Our family has had so much fun together!  Wednesday (day 5), the kids slept in.  They love doing that.  🙂 Ali had her friend, Becca over the night before to spend the night.  Becca is such a sweet girl.  Ali and her seem to have lots of fun together.
We spent part of Wednesday at the local outlet mall.  I found the cutest shoes!  Ali is trying to “update” my look.  I hope my feet will allow me to wear them often…they really are VERY cute!  It was such a beautiful day!
Later that afternoon, we did a few things outside since it was so nice.  It was fun to throw the football around with Zach again in the front yard.  My arm hurt from the day before, however.  I know…I’m a wimp. 🙂
Yesterday (Day 6) Ali, Zach and I spent some of the day on the road. We traveled to see our Grandma Edna, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Dirk in Missouri.  We made it in great time, but our GPS took us on Hwy 19…never again will I drive Hwy 19.  We were on it for approximately 100 miles…a two lane, winding road, with no shoulders.  But, I guess, going on little sleep (as I couldn’t fall asleep the night before), it was the road I needed to be on to keep me awake!  I never felt tired once…because the twists and turns on the road kept me almost white-knuckled most of the time!  Bill stayed back at home, because of work.  🙁
Hwy 19 was very memorable.  Ask the kids the next time you see them, and they’ll have more than one story to tell about Hwy 19. 🙂  Zach took some video of it, and it’s quite hilarious!  We listened to all kinds of music…Christian, Country, Classic Rock, Pop, and even a little Classical…on our 5+ hour drive!
We enjoyed our time with our Grandma Edna, Wendy and Dirk. We ate at one of Ali’s and Zach’s favorite restaurants, Bandanas.  We relaxed in our hotel room last night, and the kids were able to watch one of their favorite shows before we fell asleep after midnight.  (We don’t have cable or a dish at home, so this was a treat!)
Today (Day 7) we all slept in a little.  We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel, then drove to a mall a couple hours away.  Unbelievably, we spent almost six hours shopping!  Yes, six hours!  Ali was in heaven! 🙂  She tried on some prom dresses…how can my little girl be old enough to be trying on prom dresses?  She looked beautiful in each one!  We didn’t end up taking one with us, however.  We ended up with a few other bags though!  Zach’s yellow Brazil soccer shoes were the “brightest” purchase of the day!

Oh my did we laugh!  We had so much fun today.  Wonderful memories were made for each of us!

We checked into our hotel for tonight, ordered pizza, and are now relaxing in our room. 

As I close my eyes tonight to sleep, I will be thanking God…as I have all day…for these wonderful days spent with Ali and Zach. 

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