Spring Break Day 4

by | Mar 16, 2011 | family, spring

What a beautiful day it was!  Mid-50’s, and the sun was out all day! 

I immediately got my workout done after waking up this morning…I knew if I didn’t right away, I might not get it in at all today.  I sure didn’t feel like doing it, but I’m glad I did.  I spent some time doing a few things around our house, got myself ready for the day, then left to run a couple of errands and pick up a couple of things I’ve had my eye on for awhile.  The kids slept in…again. 🙂

I met my best friend, Tina, for lunch.  We tried the Sushi House for the first time, but didn’t venture into the sushi…we stuck with Chinese lunches.  It was a wonderful couple of hours with Tina!  We caught up on each other’s lives, we laughed, encouraged each other, and I left feeling very uplifted and refreshed by being in her presence!  We used to have a two hour lunch each week way back when, when our schedules allowed us to.  I sure miss those times!  What a great friend Tina is!  I thank God for her!

I returned back home to finish a few more things I wanted to get done around our home.  What a great feeling!  We also worked a little outside since it was so beautiful out.  Zach and I tossed the football back and forth in the front yard for awhile too…I loved that! 🙂 

We spent tonight at home, enjoying each other’s company.  (I think our evenings at home are what I cherish the most right now.)  Ali had her friend Becca over again, and we all played Rock Band together.  Lots of laughs and fun!

I thank God for a wonderful, enjoyable and beautiful day! 

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