Snow Day #6

by | Feb 9, 2010 | family, winter

I know I might be considered weird by some, but I LOVE SNOW DAYS!  I actually enjoy being snowed in (as long as it’s not for days/weeks).  When the snow is coming down, and there’s a possibility for us to be snowed in, I tend to get excited.  I enjoy the thought of all of us being home together! 
Today is the sixth snow day this year…the same number of school days we missed last year because of winter weather.  The snow is falling beautifully from the sky, as I write this, and has been intermittently for the last 24 hours or so.  The wind is supposed to pick up within the next couple of hours, which will blow this light fluffy snow everywhere.  It sounds like we will literally be “snowed in.” 

Since the wind is forecasted to be 20-25 mph today, I won’t be attempting to travel to Mission of Hope.  I don’t like letting anyone down, and I don’t like the thought of the staff and volunteers who will be there today, having to do extra work because I’m not there.  That really bothers me.  I also, though, don’t want to get stranded somewhere as I try to make it back home later.  Ugh!  Bill says often “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” and I’m going to agree with him today.

So, plan B today…Bill worked last night, so he will be heading to bed soon.  I’m going to put a Palermo’s breakfast pizza in the oven for us in a few minutes for breakfast, will work in my office a few hours, get my workout in, have lunch with the kids, hang out with them this afternoon, make dinner with their help for tonight, have a family meeting after dinner, followed by a family game night tonight!  That’s my plan B…we’ll see if all of that comes to pass! 🙂

Have I mentioned I love snow days?! 🙂

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