Six Stars!

by | Apr 11, 2009 | goals, health, me

I just finished my workout, and as I’m waiting for my body to cool down, I felt led to make a quick post

before getting in the shower.

In January I set some “focuses” for my life for this year, and one of them was to “be healthy.” Being that it’s four months into 2009, looking back, I feel like I’ve done pretty well so far in that area of my life. But the last couple of weeks I’ve slipped in the “getting more rest” part and “exercising preferably five times a week” part. Last Sunday I made a commitment to make some changes.

I’ve done slightly better in going to bed earlier this week, which has helped in my rest, but I still enjoy getting up at 4:30 or 5am every morning. I don’t want to change my morning routine. 🙂 The big change I made was in my exercise this week. I made a commitment to myself to work out every day this week, except for Sunday. And…

It helps me to have an accountability partner, but for now, I’m being accountable to myself with my “stars.” Each day I workout I put a bright-colored glittery star on that day’s square on my calendar in my office. I have SIX STARS on it for this week! 🙂

But quickly I have to tell you, this wasn’t easy for me. After I got up and got going this morning, I wasn’t very excited to get my workout in (like most days). I wanted to do EVERYTHING but workout. Bill and Zach left for the morning for Zach’s first soccer referee job at 8am, Ali was still snoozing on the couch downstairs, trying to recover from her FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) lock in at school Thursday night, and so I really had no outside influences to stop me from working out. The only thing that was stopping me, was ME! With working out each day, my body felt very tired this morning. My legs ached, my arms ached, my back ached…I knew though that a workout would help me limber up and help me feel better…

So, off to the bedroom I went to put on my workout clothes, I tied up my shoes, grabbed a bottle of water and a towel and came downstairs to our workout room. I have followed the Body For Life exercise plan this week (Bill and I did Body For Life years ago and I enjoy the exercise plan). Lower body weights Monday, cardio with abs Tuesday, upper body weights Wednesday, cardio with abs Thursdsay, lower body weights Friday…so today was a cardio day. I didn’t think I could manage running again on the treadmill…so I found a different workout in one of my Shape magazines. It was a 30 minute workout with a combination of speed walking and power walking, keeping the speed at 4 mph and gradually increasing the incline up to 10 to the end of the walk.

I would have scoffed at a workout like this years ago, but I have to say, this workout this morning kicked my back side! Eighteen minutes into it, sweat is dripping off me, my towel is becoming increasingly soaked, and I’m thinking, “I’m struggling here! And I have twelve minutes yet to go! Ugh!” I forced myself to finish strong, even though I was wanting to quit! It felt great to push the decline button and to get to my cool down at the end!!! 🙂

Seeing six stars on my calendar for the week feels great. I desire for next week to be a “six star week” as well! I’ll switch it up next week and do two days of upper body weights, one day of lower body weights, and three days of cardio plus abs. I’ll also attempt to stay accountable in my posts!

Time to get this sweaty, stinky body in the shower! Have a blessed day! 🙂
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