We’re taking a side path from the Christmas story today as we’re Rediscovering Christmas.

I realize I don’t need to tell you Christmas is just five days away. Five! This season is going way to fast for me. How about you? I’ve really tried to linger longer. I’m focusing on the real meaning of the season. Really I am. Rediscovering Christmas together has truly helped, but, time continues to pick up speed.

I’m guessing your list might be screaming at you. You might feel like you’re running out of time and running out of money. Stress might be trying to get the best of you today. Or, maybe you’re exhausted… and you need some rest. But, your schedule doesn’t allow that to happen any time soon.

You’re in good company, friend. When I’m stressed and exhausted and running short on time and money, the only thing I know to do is to give these concerns to the One Who can help me. Then, I try to be a blessing to those around me.

Something happens inside when we shift our focus from ourselves to others. When we find ways to bless those in our lives… the ones we know and the ones we do not. A lift returns in our steps and a smile to our faces.

I invite you to join me here… when we’re out and about today, let’s be about showing kindness to others, especially to strangers.

15 Ways To Show Kindness To Strangers This Season

15 Ways To Show Kindness To Strangers This Season (Without Being Creepy!)

  1. Hold the door open for someone.
  1. In a drive-thru lane, pay for the person’s order behind you while you’re paying for yours.
  1. Be friendly. Smile. Say hello.
  1. Let another go first in the checkout lane.
  1. Give someone else the close-to-the-door parking space.
  1. When grabbing your cart at the grocery store, grab one for the person waiting behind you.
  1. While waiting in a restaurant, on the subway, in a store, anywhere, give your seat to someone who is standing.
  1. Pay for the meals at the table next to yours.
  1. Donate clothing (especially new socks and underwear) to a local mission or homeless shelter.
  1. Purchase a to-go meal for someone in need.
  1. Ask the principal or secretary at your child’s school some ways to help struggling families or students, then fill the need.
  1. Volunteer where others are served.
  1. After receiving great customer service, write a note to that place of business and praise the person who gave you the great service.
  1. Thank the person who serves you–at the checkout lane, restaurant, etc. Leave a larger-than-necessary tip when applicable.
  1. Smile at the person who cut you off in traffic.
  1. Wish everyone you meet a Merry Christmas.


What could we add to this list? I’d love to read your suggestions below. What have you done in past Christmas seasons to bless strangers? How have others blessed you?

Join me in picking one to do today. And, why not choose another one tomorrow? Who knows… we could start a kindness movement these last days before the arrival of our Savior!

We might just find our load becomes lighter and our season a little brighter.

In the meantime, I’m lifting you in prayer. May God meet you in our need, in your resources, in your concerns, and in your heart this very day.

Merry Christmas, friend!


15 Ways To Show Kindness To Strangers This Season


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