School’s Out!

by | Jun 9, 2010 | This Lefe Family

Our summer break officially began yesterday afternoon…Ali finished her finals Monday, and Zach got out yesterday at 10:45!  How can it be that this school year is completed already?  It truly went so fast!
I love having the kids home for summer break!  I love our more relaxed schedule, and I love spending the time with them that I don’t get to do during the school year!  I always look forward to this first official day off in anticipation of enjoying my children all summer long! 
So, to kick our summer off, we are leaving mid-morning to spend our day at the waterpark today!  I took the day off from the Mission.  Ali and Zach each get to invite a friend, and I’ll get to relax, immerse myself in a book, and maybe even take a cat nap by the lazy river!  I am SO looking forward to it! 🙂
Bring on summer…I’m ready!  🙂
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