Rejoicing Today…Being a "Loser"

by | Sep 2, 2010 | Faith, This Lefe Family

I pray for my children, Ali and Zach, each day.  I pray for their safety, that they make right choices that glorify God, that they would be godly examples for others to follow, for their future, for God to keep them on the straight and narrow path…for lots of different things.  The full list would be too long to write here.  I pray for whatever God brings to my mind regarding each of them.

If you pray like I do, maybe at times it seems like nothing is happening…you pray, and pray and pray.  Then all of a sudden, you get stopped in your tracks in awe, seeing how God is answering or has answered something you specifically prayed for.  I love it when this happens!  At those times, I can’t help but bust out in praise and adoration and thanksgiving to Him!  I guess that’s what I’m doing today…I can help but rejoice…

Ali’s facebook status on Monday seemed to come out of nowhere, but I was so completely blessed by it, and so proud of her for it.  It read, “well all i’m saying is that if living a Christ centered life makes someone a loser then, Amen! i am more than happy to be a loser 🙂 “

Many people commented on what she wrote and how they were happy to be a loser too (or something similar to that)…but I noticed only one of her close friends did.  I have watched Ali and her friends together for years, and it’s evident to me that she stands apart from the group as a Christian teenager.  This has been very frustrating for both her and I.  Only one of her friends have partly followed Ali’s example, but there isn’t much evidence in this girl’s life of living as a Christian.  I’m not trying to judge her salvation or her heart or her at all, but scripture says that “fruit” should be evident in the life of a Christian.  This saddens me.  Ali’s the only one of this group that attends church regularly.  She’s the only one I know of who is attending any sort of Christ-centered youth group.  Not that those things make someone a Christian, but again, I see no “fruit.”  I’m so proud of her for not following in her friends’ steps…she’s continued to break out on her own.

Now I’m not saying either that Ali’s a perfect teenager.  We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God.  And she is no exception.  But when she does sin, God seems to allow her to get caught right away, and it’s dealt with immediately.  (That’s another thing I pray for…that my children get caught when they are making wrong choices out of God’s will.)  Ali knows she is to live differently than the world…and differently than the majority of her friends.  But that’s got to be tough for a teenager in today’s world!

I guess I’m just rejoicing today in the fact that Ali seems to “get it.”  She is set apart in God’s eyes, and she’s focused (at least she was on Monday) on living a Christ-centered life.  This mom couldn’t be any more proud of her daughter than I am right now!  I have prayed for this to evident in her life, and have prayed that she be bold with her faith.  This is the important, life-changing stuff that matters (not the life stuff I was dealing with Monday and Tuesday)!  And I’m also rejoicing today for being in the category of a “loser” according to her status. 🙂  I’m motivated now more than ever to continue my focus on living a Christ-centered life myself…even if I am considered a “loser!” 

Amen, my Ali-girl. Amen!

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