Recap of a Merry Christmas

by | Dec 28, 2013 | Christmas, memories

The dust from Christmas has settled.

The day itself seemed to pass by me quickly. I was not feeling well the few days before Christmas Day, so in looking back, much of that time seems like a blur to me. I spent much it in this recliner, and praying God would heal this body of mine so I could enjoy Christmas.

I began to feel better the evening of Christmas Eve. After receiving a call from Tina that evening, and finding out that Barb surprised Tina and her family as she emerged from a taxi in their driveway just a few minutes prior, we ended up going over to their home to celebrate with them and Barb. (We had canceled our original plans with them earlier in the day due to the way I was feeling.) Maybe it was Barb’s presence, or maybe it was just getting out of the house, or maybe it was God answering my prayers…but I began to feel better.

I felt so much better on Christmas, and was thrilled that I felt like I had enough energy to take a shower! (It’s funny what becomes important to you when you’ve been under the weather!) I was extremely thankful for my shower (I imagine my family was as well), and that I felt like I was finally on the mend! Our family of four had a beautiful Christmas together. It might have just been our best Christmas ever…opening presents that morning, Bill and I fixed a wonderful breakfast, we relaxed all afternoon, prepared and enjoyed a festive Christmas dinner for that evening, and enjoyed each other’s company until we called it a night. It was truly a blessed day!

I turned a year older on the 26th. My family always makes it a special day for me, complete with my annual birthday cake that Bill bakes and decorates for me. And I appreciate all they do for me to make me feel special! We enjoyed lunch at Panera, did a small amount of shopping, and prepared our home for my side of the family coming that evening to celebrate Christmas. (We originally had it planned for the 23rd, but since I was sick, we postponed it.) It was a memorable time together with my three brothers and their families.

I’ve loved having Alissa home during Christmas. She came out Monday and went back to her apartment yesterday. It was a gift to me to have her back with us for awhile. I sure have missed that girl! 🙂

Today I’m relaxing at home. It might end up being what I call a “pajama day.” There’s absolutely nothing on my schedule today…and I welcome that.

I pray your Christmas was a blessed time for you too. Again, Merry Christmas!

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