RAGBRAI 2017 – Update 7

by | Jul 28, 2017 | #live2017

Our hearts are grateful and thankful tonight after completing today’s route. Our odometer read 64 miles when we got into camp, but, oh the hills today. Long and laborious. I guess they got us ready for tomorrow’s hills that await us. We’ll have 3,000+ feet of climb!

Tomorrow is the final day of RAGBRAI. We have mixed feelings about that. Sad that it’s almost over, yet we’re ready to get off the bike. We welcome your prayers on this last day for our safety, for strength, and for our bike and us to be able to finish well.

I’ve been broadcasting Facebook Live videos throughout our week on my personal account and my Loving God Loving Others page. I invite to check those out for a real life view of RAGBRAI.

But, today’s ride was absolutely beautiful. The scenery was breathtaking. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed Decorah’s Nordic atmosphere, Ossian’s friendliness, Castalia’s music and pie, Postville’s Fire Department and their food, and our overnight town, Waukon’s warm welcome . Some scenes are below.

People keep asking how many people are on this year’s ride. We’re hearing 10,000-15,000 riders. Can you imagine that kind of crowd invading these small towns? Kudos for each town handling us all!

Morning will come early, so I’ll sign off for tonight. I’ll update again tomorrow after we’re done. Thanks for journeying with us all week!

Enjoy these pics!

Beautiful morning…

Enjoyed Mabe’s breakfast pizza in Decorah…

Postville’s Fire Department…

We “posted” on Postville’s wall…

And had fun with friends in Waukon tonight…



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