Our Day 1 of RAGBRAI was pretty incredible. We woke (at 5:15am!) to cooler temperatures and less humidity to make it a perfect riding day! Sunshine and blue skies were our traveling partners!

Today’s leg of the route was 62.6 miles. If you follow my Loving God Loving Others Facebook page or are my Facebook friend, you might have seen my first attempt at a Facebook Live video. So fun! We thought it would be great to share a snippet of our day on the ride. We plan to do one each day, so stay tuned!

Small towns showed us wonderful hospitality today. My favorite was probably Hartley. You’ll find some photos below. People are so friendly wherever we go!

People from all over the U.S. ride RAGBRAI. Today we met some from Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, California, and Kentucky. I love hearing stories of the lives of fellow riders!

We arrived in Spencer, our overnight town, around 1:30pm, ready to get off our seats. It’s been a relaxing afternoon and evening at the Clay County Fairgrounds (our camp).

It’s forecasted to get down to 56 degrees tonight. I won’t complain, even if we might be a little chilly in our tent. At least it won’t be a sauna like it has been in past years! (Thank you for praying for us and for good weather! God is answering!)

71.7 miles await us tomorrow, with an optional loop which would take us over 100 miles for the day. (Yeah, we probably won’t be doing that.) I’ll be happy to finish at 71.7.

I’ll update again tomorrow. Enjoy some of the scenes from today:

Leaving Orange City this morning at 6:38.


This crazy individual is riding a wheelie all through RAGBRAI.


He is with us! A great sign along the route today.


Pauline, a beautiful town.


Hartley was a fun stop, with great food and music!


The Air Force Cycling Team is quite amazing. Each year they ride with the purpose to help other riders who have trouble on the route. We caught two in action today.



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