Our Two Day Getaway!

by | Mar 18, 2009 | This Lefe Family

On Sunday, Ali, Zach and I loaded up the car and headed for the great state of Missouri! We decided (at the last minute) to take a couple days of our spring break to go spend time with family we haven’t seen for awhile, and we are so glad we did!

It was a great two day getaway for us! Bill couldn’t get the time off of work, so we ventured out without him along. It was certainly strange not having Bill with us! We we did ok, and didn’t get lost once! 🙂 We stayed Sunday night and last night with Bill’s sister, Teresa and her family. They are so much fun, are so hospitable, and have a beautiful home. We were able to meet the newest addition to their family, Austin’s puppy, Brutus! Ali and Zach fell in love with him…a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy! Guess who’s trying to talk dad into getting a puppy now??!!

We spent most of Monday with our Grandma Edna, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Dirk, who live about 1-1/2 hours from Teresa. We had a great lunch with them, and spent time in the afternoon at Wendy and Dirk’s home. They have a beautiful home too! We met Oscar and Dozer, their two Great Danes, and Temp, their “rescue dog” that they rescued about five years ago. All three of us just aren’t used to big dogs. It was quite interesting trying to get used to them, and quite comical. Oscar and Dozer were lively and active and were certainly happy to see us! 🙂 They love attention!

It was a surprise for Grandma Edna…she didn’t know we were coming to visit! It was wonderful to see her face with a big smile when she saw us! We were able to see her “new” home…a care facility which she seems to like very well. It did our hearts good to see her, and to tell her how much we miss her and that we love her! I look forward to going there again in a couple of months!

Teresa made a wonderful meal for us last evening, the kids played outside with Austin (their cousin) and also played pool, foosball, and cards with him. Teresa and I took an after-dinner walk, which I really enjoyed. We had a great conversation, and some great exercise…I always enjoy Teresa! She’s such a special sister-in-law to me!

We drove back today, and took our time in doing so. We did some shopping, eating and Ali drove a good part of the way home. She’s becoming quite the “expert” driver! As I am thinking about our trip, I am so thankful that we took a couple of days out to spend with family. I am so thankful I got some special time with Ali and Zach. I’m giggling now as I think about how we were being silly on the way home, talking in different voices. I’m smiling at how we were trying to adjust to being “loved” by Oscar and Dozer yesterday. And my heart is warmed that we surprised Grandma Edna, and how she felt so special yesterday. It was a special trip that we will remember forever! 🙂

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