Our First Colts Game!

by | Oct 21, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Two weeks ago our family traveled in Indianapolis and experienced our first-ever Colts football game! We had such a great experience, and it was better than I ever imagined it would be.

We arrived Friday night late, checked into our hotel, and Bill and I went down to the Colts Grille. We enjoyed sitting outside in the 70 degree weather. It was a relaxing way to begin our weekend.

Saturday morning we enjoyed our Embassy Suites breakfast. Since it was raining, we decided to take in the movie Gravity at the IMAX theater there. It was a pretty suspenseful and exciting movie. I’d recommend it. Also had a great message throughout the movie. We shopped that afternoon, returned back to the hotel for the Manager’s Reception, then shopped at the mall downtown. Enjoyed a late dinner at Champ’s and called it a day.

 Zach with his 3-D glasses on!

Sunday was game day! It was raining Sunday too, so we walked to Lucas Oil Stadium through the sky walk system. The doors opened at Lucas Oil at 11 for the 1pm game. The rain paused enough for us to take a few pictures outside the stadium. We took plenty more inside! Since we were there so early, we were able to walk down toward the field and take pictures of some of the players warming up and pictures of our family with the field behind us.

Inside view of Lucas Oil Stadium
Andrew Luck warming up

It was like a party was going on in every part of the stadium. Live bands. Food vendors. Clothing vendors. It was a fun environment. We found our seats. They were on the highest terrace, but at least our backs weren’t against the wall. 🙂 We could see everything from where we were, and even though they were high up, our seats were surprisingly good! I especially appreciated having the roof closed in the stadium since it was raining outside. We stayed warm and dry.

When the players were introduced onto the field, the whole stadium was on their feet. It was loud with everyone cheering, but it seemed to help with the noise when I would yell to drown out the others yelling. 🙂 It was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced!

 Colts coming out on the field
Pat Angerer from U of I

Watching this dream come true for Zach was pretty amazing. It brought tears to my eyes at one point. (I know…not a typical emotion that most experience at a NFL football game.) Never at his age was I given such an opportunity to live out a dream like this, and I thanked God for blessing us with the opportunity to experience this together. I was so grateful and thankful in many moments during the game.

Being behind in the entire game until the 4th quarter, the Colts ended up beating the Seahawks! It was such a fun and exciting game and was an experience of a lifetime!

 Adam Vinatieri kicking a field goal
 Coach Chuck Pagano
 Colts huddle
 Andrew Luck throwing
Offensive line & Andrew Luck
 Andrew Luck throwing
Last play of game…letting the clock run out
Colts win! And the stands clear out fast.

And one of the coolest things I saw happened at the end of the game…

A handful of players from both teams came together in the center of the field, knelt and prayed. How cool is that?!?!

As we walked back to the hotel, we ate at Hooter’s. (They really do have good food.) Not many places downtown would let those under 21 in their establishments. We didn’t have many restaurants to choose from. We returned to the Manager’s Reception Sunday night, retired early in our hotel room, and made our way back home on Monday.

What a great family trip this was! The memories we created together were so special. They’ll be embedded in my mind for a very long time and I’ll cherish them for many, many years to come!

And I believe this Colts fan became a bigger one from this experience! 🙂 Go Colts!

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