One Cool Volleyball Poster!

by | Oct 20, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Volleyball is coming to a close quickly.  Ali has had to miss her last few weeks of it because of her illness.  How different this year has been so far than what we expected, especially in her last season of high school volleyball.  Above is her team poster this year.  I took a picture of it with my phone…I know it’s not the clearest photo in the world.  The original poster is pretty cool.  We have a few of them now in our home. 🙂
The Senior players are featured on the top half of the poster.  Ali is just to the left of center, jumping up tall, hitting the ball, #17.  She’s also with the team on the bottom left, second from the left sitting down. Did I mention I love this poster?! 🙂  
Once again, I can’t believe my little girl could possibly be a Senior in high school! Next week is regionals for state volleyball.  Ali will be cheering her team on, either from the bench or the sidelines, as she won’t be fully healthy by that time.  None the less, I’m very proud of her.  She has an incredible team spirit.  Her energy on the team has been missed!  Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if they made it to state?? 🙂
I love you #17!
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