Never a Dull Moment!

by | Aug 11, 2008 | This Lefe Family

I was thinking earlier today how I love our home. It’s not the biggest, nor the best, but it’s filled with peace, joy and a whole lot of love!

HOWEVER…it’s never a dull moment around here! Just yesterday, in between all of the other things our family was doing, I caught myself thinking many times, “I got to get a picture of that!” And, “Where’s my camera?!” I love capturing all that goes on here at home.

Yesterday late afternoon I looked out my east kitchen window and saw a hot air balloon rising on the horizon. I was hoping the wind was in my favor and that it would carry the balloon in our direction! Sure enough…in a matter of minutes it was soaring above our home. The picture above shows how beautiful it was!

We have some new additions to our family! One of the outside “momma kitties” had babies a couple weeks ago in our front bushes. We can hear the tiny meows of the five babies throughout the day. Their eyes are now open and they are adorable! Here’s one…probably scared to death…in this picture taken yesterday!

We also caught on film yesterday one of our kittens which had fallen asleep on one of the deck chairs. It was hilarious! This little guy’s head was hanging off the chair…he didn’t look very comfortable, but he sure did look funny! I’m thinking he eventually fell over head-first off the chair. That would have been a good one to get on video!

One thing I’m very grateful for is that we love to share our home with the people that mean so much to us. Our daughter has her friends over a lot! Many nights this summer we’ve had sleepovers here! The last picture below is one of her and her friend Cassidy, as we are enjoying sitting by the bonfire one evening last week. (We have bonfires in our back year a lot! We’ll be doing that tonight, as I believe it’s a peak night for shooting stars!) They were having so much fun together…I loved catching it on film! The picture makes me laugh!

It’s fun to catch life on film…I’m enjoying that more now than any other time in my life. Maybe it has to do with the realization that our children are growing up at warp speed in front of my eyes, and also the fact that I’m not getting any younger! I want to cherish these memories as long as I possiblty can!

Thanks for letting me share from our “Never a Dull Moment” home!


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