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I had seen an advertisement last week about an opportunity to share your football story online. I wasn’t really
paying attention as to the possibilities of winning something for doing so, but at the time I was thinking, “I have a football story to tell.”

But then the thought left me as soon as it appeared.

Until last night. I saw something on Facebook about the same thing…sharing your football story. I clicked on the link, and was directed to the entry page. As I filled in the blanks, and was taken to another page, the words began to flow out of my head and through my fingers. My story was put into words.

My football story has to do with my son, Zach. And it was a blessing for me to put it into actual words. Football and football Sundays have really impacted our relationship. I’ve shared bits of how it has here before. That may sound a little strange, but it’s true.

If you’d like to read my online story, click this Together We Make Football link. And if you like it, be sure to say so after reading my story.

It may not land us Superbowl tickets, but it has given me to a platform to share from my heart with the world my love for football, and my love for my son!

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