Mom’s Note

by | Nov 23, 2012 | Christmas, memories

Each year when we get out our Christmas tree skirt after putting up our Christmas tree, I am touched. I always have it folded up nicely in the tote with our stockings. And when I grab it, I can hear the small note pinned to one of the corners brushing against the material next to it.

Mom made this Christmas tree skirt for me for my birthday…probably in 1998. Dad was still alive, and Mom said every time she’d be working on it, it seemed like I would show up at their home, and Dad would see me first and warn her I was coming. She’d have to put it away quickly. 🙂 When I opened it, it was a beautiful surprise! And it was even more special to me because it was handmade by her! She took up quilting later in her life, and found she really enjoyed it. She quilted this beautiful skirt all by hand.

And each year I read the note attached. It blesses me to see her handwriting, and it reminds me just how much she loved me.

I loved her so much, and I miss her greatly today.

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