Mid-winter Concert

by | Feb 13, 2009 | This Lefe Family

Last evening was Ali’s high school mid-winter concert. She did such a great job singing in the choir portion of the concert and playing her flute in the band portion of the concert! You’ll see her in these pictures with her sporty glasses on–they are just an accessory for her these days. (She looks like a cute bookworm with them on. She’d dislike me saying that!) She’s on the top level of risers in the choir.

Below is also a video of one of their songs they played in band. She’s in the second row from the front on the right of the video, the second chair in the flute section. All the students in the video are 9th graders–they are very talented and have been taught well by their band instructors! Her parents and brother were, and are, extremely proud of her! Way to go Ali-girl! 🙂

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