Meeting Segrid

by | Jul 10, 2012 | family, summer

I met Segrid on Saturday. (I’m not sure I’m spelling her name correctly.) Segrid is my Aunt Wendy’s friend. She’s German, and she and Wendy have traveled to Germany together in the past. We all had dinner together at Wendy’s on Saturday.

What a beautiful woman Segrid is…on the inside and out. I imagine she’s in her 70’s or 80’s. And as she talked, and as I watched her mannerisms, I found myself being reminded of Mom. Her caring eyes, her loving voice, and interested-in-others attitude were just like Mom’s. I loved talking with her, and honestly, I think I could spend hours doing so!

She shared how she and a friend traveled Route 66 back in the 60’s and how they traveled near where they are living now…not knowing then that’s where she’d be spending 40-some years of her life! I loved hearing her stories!

Segrid took a special interest in all of us…Bill, Ali, Zach and I. I caught how she remembered something special about each one of us, especially the kids. And she mentioned each thing to each of us before she left.
I find it interesting how people pass through our lives. Some you spend a short time with and never think of them again. Some you spend the same short time with and are changed forever. Segrid is one of the latter. She impacted me more than she will ever know in the short time we spent with her.
After Segrid left that day, I mentioned to Wendy, my family, and a few other friends of Wendy’s who were still there how Segrid reminded me of Mom. Ali was thinking the same thing. 🙂 
So, I guess God blessed me in more than one way in meeting Segrid on Saturday! I hope I’ll get the opportunity to see her again sometime in her and my lifetimes!
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