Matty is Graduating!

by | May 23, 2010 | family

My nephew, Matt, (I call him Matty, and have for many years) is graduating from high school today.  It’s hard for me to believe he could be old enough to do so.  And then I realize our daughter, Ali will be graduating in two years!  It doesn’t seem possible!
Matt is such a great guy.  He’s kind, caring and very personable.  He can carry on a conversation with anyone!  His parents gave him a very nice graduation party yesterday, and it was fun to watch him converse with all the people that came to see him yesterday! 
As I watch him get his high school diploma today, I’m sure I will shed a few tears…tears of happiness for him and tears of how fast time has gone.  It’ll be a new adventure in life for him as he attends college in the fall and as he sets out to have a successful future.  I believe Matt will do wonderful things for many in his life, and I know God has an amazing plan for his future.  I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold in the years ahead!
I am so proud of Matt, and I’m thankful I get to be a part of his life!
My two nephews graduating this year…Brandon and Matt!
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