Making My List, Checking it Twice…

by | Dec 19, 2009 | Christmas, health

This morning as I sit in my office, and am going over my “to do” list, I’m feeling a little encouraged. I was feeling overwhelmed yesterday with all I have to do before Christmas, but I’m feeling better this morning. Here’s my list:

–wrap presents…CHECK!

–finish and send out Christmas cards…CHECK!

–get Winter Formal dress for Ali…CHECK!

–pick up Ali’s car…CHECK (will share more about that later!)

–finish letter for business…CHECK!

–get groceries for baking…BEING DONE AS I WRITE THIS

–bake goodies…WILL BE DONE SOON

–get groceries for Christmas meals next week…SOME DONE

–mail Christmas gifts…WILL BE DONE TODAY

–replace string of lights above garage door…WILL BE DONE TODAY

–replace two bows that flew off outside lights

–get downstairs ready for overnight company for next week

–laundry, laundry, laundry (that’s never done for me)

–check gift list one more time

–take disk to Walgreen’s for three more pictures

–pick up gifts for Mission Christmas

I know I still have a lot to do, and as I type these in, a few more things are coming to mind.

There have been many a year that I have gotten sick just after Christmas was over. I would go, go, go and not take care of myself…then collapse after Christmas. Last year I changed things to stay healthy, and this year I’m trying to stay balanced through the Christmas season. I was reminded again yesterday that it’s not about all the stuff I have to do…Christmas is about the Savior of the world coming to this earth to make a way for us to live eternally in heaven. What could be more important than that? Nothing on my list is, anyway.

May you find joy in whatever you are doing today…whether it’s preparing for Christmas or doing something else! God bless you!
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