I sometimes wonder why God puts up with me.

I can be a real pain in His backside. I’m sure of it.

Scripture says He formed me in my mother’s womb, and He knows me inside and out. He knows the number of hairs on my head (and probably how many of them have taken on a gray tint as well). He also knows what I’m thinking, and He even knows what’s about to come out of my mouth before it escapes.

So, I understand He knows me intimately, and I cannot hide anything from Him. But what I don’t understand is, even with all my flaws and mistakes and mess-ups and sin-filled habits, He continues to love me anyway. He continues to stand with me. And, He continues to remain loyal. Even when I don’t deserve it.

Others would have high-tailed it a long ago. Others would have given up on me way back when. But not God. He has stuck with me, has never given up on me, and continues to mold me into the woman He desires me to be. (He sure has his work cut out for Him some days.)

But Lord, You are a God full of compassion, generous in grace, slow to anger, and boundless in loyal love and truth. Psalm 86:15 Voice

This fills me with awe, wonder, love, and thankfulness. And because He is loyal to me and to those He loves, the desire wells up within me to remain loyal to Him.

His loyal love is perfect.

His loyal love is perfect. I’ve proven mine is not.

I’ll do my best, though, to follow Him, to seek Him, to serve Him, and to share Him with others. And I’ll continue to thank Him for His loyalty and love.

It’s your turn. Where have you seen God’s loyalty in your life? In the lives of those around you? I’d love to read about it below.

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!




This post is written for Five Minute Friday. Where many of us free-write on a one word prompt for five minutes. (‘m guilty. I went seven minutes this week.) This week’s word was LOYAL. We gather on Twitter Thursday nights for #fmfparty, and then on to Kate Motaung’s to share and encourage. You’ll be blessed to visit her space!

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