A Love Note to My Lefe’s – October 2014

by | Nov 1, 2014 | This Lefe Family

Each month I write a love note to my family. My people. My blessings.

Below is October’s note, with a rhyming twist.

I am one blessed woman!

October 2014 Collage

To my Lefe family…


Another month has come and gone.

How can this be?

Lots of great things happened in October.

I’m glad I was able to experience them with you three.


It’s a great time to reflect, appreciate and be thankful

For the many things God has done.

He continues to provide for, protect, and love us,

And blesses us with times of memory-making fun.


Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dream,

and cheering me on every step of the way.

For encouraging me to keep focused and writing,

in last month’s challenge to write for 31 days.


You make my role of mom and wife,

extra-special, an honor, and a joy.

I love being the one praying and cheering for you,

my “love of a lifetime,” my girl, and my boy.


My Lissy Lou, I am so proud of you

For how mature and responsible you are.

Congratulations on being accepted into the program

In which God has been preparing your heart.


I miss you, and need to see your beautiful face

Much more often than I do.

Your smile, your energy, your fun-loving self,

Your momma sure loves you!


My Z-Man, you are growing up

To be such a fine young man.

In seven months you’ll be graduated,

With an exciting future and a plan.


Congratulations, Buddy, on all the good news…

A lead role in show choir, your first job, and an academic award.

I love you and am so proud of you!

You’ll look back on this year and see how you’ve soared!


And Billy, you bless me.

Thank you for your love.

Our weekend away last month was a gift.

It was a blessing from above.


My writing in October took much of my time.

Thank you, Bill, for your understanding.

I love you, appreciate you, and thank you.

You, my dear, are most outstanding.


So, Lefe’s, as we begin this month of November

We have much to look forward to.

More laughs, smiles, and memories

I can’t wait to share them all with you!


All My Love,

Julie & Mom

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