Love Note To My Lefe’s – November 2015

by | Nov 30, 2015 | This Lefe Family

My monthly love note to the three I’m blessed to call family… November 2015 edition:

November 2015 Collage

Bill, Alissa & Zach,

Can I just tell you how much fun I had with you over our Thanksgiving break??!! This might have been my most fun trip ever! God continues to bless our times together as a family, and He seems to cause each of our trips to outdo the ones before. We have so much to thank Him for, don’t we??!! Thank you for the smiles, the laughs, the fun, and the great memories made.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am for you three. So very thankful. I’m thankful for the special times we share together. Even though we are all going in lots of different directions, we still make time for one another. We still make our family a priority. We still have each others’ backs. And we continue to support one another in all we do. This sure warms this wife’s and momma’s heart.

Bill, thank you for your never-ending love. Thank you for putting up with my quirks, my attitudes, my issues. Thank you for listening to me, and for helping me see things from different points of view. Thank you for holding my hand as we walk through unsure situations and on unfamiliar paths. Thank you for holding my heart when it’s banged up and bruised from the world. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to use the gifts and talents God has given me. Thank you for being a terrific father and husband. You truly are a “Rocket Man.” Thank you for growing old with me. I believe the best is yet to be! God has blessed me in allowing me to be your wife all these years. And just so you know, I still get butterflies when I see you driving down our road or when I hear you pull in the driveway. I love you so very much!

Alissa, it was a blessing to share special moments and laughs with you at home a few extra days and nights this month. It felt like old times when you were younger and living at home. You blessed me more than you know. God uses all we go through for good, and He’s doing that in amazing ways in your life. He loves you so, so much, and only wants His best for you, Sweetheart. Keep your eyes on Him. Even when the world tempts you to turn in other directions, keep seeking Him. I’m proud of you for the wise choices you are making and for being who you are. You are wise beyond your years! Thank you for putting up with my mothering ways at times. I know they drive you crazy, but I ask for your patience as I work through them. You are beautiful in every way, and I love you so much, Lissy Lou! I look forward to making more fun memories with you in December!

Zach, I love having you home. You probably already know that, but just in case you need a reminder, it brings me joy to spend time with you here. It was fun watching you at the Colts game again. I know how important and special that trip was to you. I’m glad we could all make it happen together. Buddy, I continue to be so proud of you. You are making great choices for your life. You are doing your best at work and school. You are finding ways to be a blessing at home and to others out in the world. You are a good friend to your friends, and a good boyfriend to Kenzie. Keep putting God first in your life. He’ll continue to guide you in every single area. He won’t make you guess what to do or which way to go. It’s evident you’re listening to, and following Him. You have just a couple weeks left of your first semester of college. Finish strong, Zach. I love you so much!

As we close out 2015 next month, I pray we live each day as an adventure with God. I pray God protects us, keeps us healthy, and blesses us with more great times together. May our family be a light for Him in this world!

I love you three. Thank you for blessing this wife and momma of yours!


Julie & Mom

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  1. Tara

    Beautiful! Your picture collage exudes so much joy. You are one blessed woman, friend!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Tara. I am reminded each time a write each month’s post for my family. I never want to take them for granted. God blesses each of us in different ways, and I love rejoicing in others’ blessings, including yours! Thanks for rejoicing in mine. Love ya, friend!


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