A Love Note To My Lefe’s – November 2014

by | Nov 30, 2014 | This Lefe Family

November’s love note to my family…

November 2014 Collage

To the three God has blessed me with as my family,

I love you three. It’s an honor to be your wife and mom!

I’m having a hard time believing it could be November 30th already. It feels like eight days ago I wrote October’s note to you. Time is sure passing by quickly. And even though it is, I cherish each and every moment we get to spend together. I love doing life with you!

Our Thanksgiving together was such a gift to me. Throughout the day, I thanked God for each of you. For how He’s allowed me to be your wife, Bill, and your mom, Alissa and Zach. I am truly blessed!

Alissa, as I write this, you are doing your first clinical at the hospital tonight. I know you’re going to do great. I’ve watched how you’ve been patient, seeking and searching God for His plan for your life. It’s exciting to watch your journey unfold as you take God’s hand and walk with Him, step by step. He’s got you… He always has, and He always will. Keep working hard, and doing your best. Continue to make good choices. You’re doing a beautiful job of balancing work, school, taking care of yourself, and everything else. Your efforts and commitment will pay off! I couldn’t be more proud of you, Sweetie! I continue to pray for you daily, and I’m cheering you on as you work toward the finish line for your classes next month. You’ve got this, girl!

Zach, it’s been a joy to watch you excel in so many areas so far this school year. Seeing that picture of you with the school’s Sportsmanship Award filled me with so much pride for you, as I fully realize you had much to do with that award for your school. You are impacting the lives of others all around you, and that photo is proof of that. I’m proud of you! Congratulations, buddy! You’re giving 100% in everything, and I encourage you to keep it up. You’ll never regret giving all you’ve got in school, in sports, in show choir, in life. I’m looking forward to watching you and cheering you on in show choir the next few months. You’re going to do fabulous! God has given you many gifts and talents and you’re using them well! Great job, Mister!

Bill, I thank you for putting up with me. For loving me like you do, and for your unending patience. You do so much for me and the kids… providing for us, fixing things that need fixed, making our lives easier, bringing joy into our days. I realize you often go without sleep, and when your schedule changes, your sleep suffers. Yet you take it in stride. Not many could do what you do, and do it with a good attitude. Thank you. I appreciate how you encourage me in my writing, and you never complain when I’m typing away on my laptop. Thank you. I love the times we spend together, and those times are increasing more and more as the kids are doing their own things much more often these days. I look forward to growing old with you!

As we look ahead to next month, I think of Christmas, and anticipate a wonderful holiday together. May we continue to pray for each other, be there for each other, and show love every chance we can to each other. May we also show God’s love to others every chance we get.

I love you so very much, and am so very thankful for you! May God bless you, protect you, and fill you with His joy!


Julie & Mom


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