Love Note To My Lefes – February 2016

by | Mar 5, 2016 | This Lefe Family

For over eight years I’ve been sharing my heart and my life through my words here on this blog. It began as a simple way to capture life for my children, and to give them a tangible way to look back over their lives, my life, and our family’s life through the years. They were 10 and 13 years old back then.

This blog has turned into so much more over eight years. More than I ever imagined.

And we’ve lived much life in eight years. Precious moments have been documented in posts. Many joys, troubles, challenges, blessings and perspectives have been openly shared here. Our children have grown up right before our eyes in real life and through this blog.

It’s been such a gift to me.

Through all these years, a number of things have remained constant. One of them is my love for this incredible family God has blessed me with.

I don’t know how often our children (who are now adults) visit here, but I pray when they do, they are reminded how very much I love them, and how very much God loves them.

Each month I write a love note to the three I’m blessed to call family. (I’m a few days late for February.) But I’m changing things up a bit in this note, as I’m choosing one word for each of them that represents a gift they’ve been given by their Creator, and one I’ve watched them share with others in the last month.


To the three I’m blessed to do life with:

February 2016 Collage

Happy March! February flew passed us, and warmer days are slowly on their way. We had some wonderful times last month together, and made great memories. I look forward to the ones we’ll make together this month!

Bill, thank you for leading this family with your determination, especially in February. Your determination to make positive changes with eating, exercising, getting things done, and how it has rubbed off on us all. Your support of me and your encouragement continues to bless me in more ways than you know. I love you, my love of a lifetime! I’m proud to be your wife.

Alissa, your trust in God last month was a gift to me, and I imagine to many others around you. Maybe it wasn’t easy to sit back and trust God to work everything out the way you prayed He would, but that’s what you did. You didn’t try to take things into your own hands, but you prayed and waited as you trusted. I am so proud of you. I wish I would have learned to do that when I was your age. Life is much simpler when we trust our lives to God. I love you, honey! You continue to amaze me!

Zach, I appreciate your great attitude. You continually have an attitude of appreciation, joy, and positiveness. It rubs off on everyone around you, especially me. And I thank you for that. Our attitudes are a choice, and your example in choosing to have a good one is a gift. God has certainly blessed you with this, and as you influence others with it, you’ll find He has more blessings in store for you. I am so proud of you, and am thankful I get to spend time with you daily. I love you, buddy!

I continue to pray for each of you every day. May God continue to protect us, guide us, and grow us personally, together, and in Him!

All my love,

Mom & Julie

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  1. betsydecruz

    I’m praising God with you for your beautiful family. Hope all is well as you have started your job. A big change, for sure. Can’t remember how long it’s been now.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Betsy, you’re such a wonderful friend. I can’t wait to meet you next month at the retreat! Thank you for praising God with me today. Yes, my job has been a big adjustment for us all, but it’s been a bigger blessing in our lives. I’ve been there just over a month. All is going well. Bless you and your week ahead!


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