Last Week’s Sports in Pictures

by | Jun 20, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Last week was a fun week for sports in our family!  We cheered my niece Reagan on in t-ball, nephews Patrick and Bennett in Little Leage baseball, and Zach in soccer! 
 Reagan is up to bat!
 Reagan at shortshop
 Uncle Pat looking pretty serious coaching 1st base
 Patrick gets a hit!
 Patrick is an incredible catcher!
 Patrick on 1st base, Uncle Pat (his dad) coaching
 Bennett gets a hit!
 Bennett on 2nd
 Zach calls for the ball
 Taking the ball downfield
 Finishing the goal!
 Zach scored 4 goals – 2 Saturday, 2 Sunday!
 Attempting to block
Zach looks so grown up…especially in the last few weeks!!
I love watching my nieces, nephews and children in sports and in the activities they are in!  I’m so proud of each of them!
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