July 28…A Special Day

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July 28 is a very special day for me.  It would have been my mom & dad’s 59th wedding anniversary this year.  It’s also the day Bill proposed to me 20 years ago!  I miss mom and dad…and their anniversary reminds me how much.  I wonder if anniversaries are celebrated in heaven? 🙂  I wish I could talk to them both, and hear their voices one more time.  I know we’ll be reunited some day…but it doesn’t seem soon enough.  🙂

I asked Bill through facebook if he remembered what he did 20 years ago on Thursday, as he was at soccer practice with Zach that evening and I was at home.  He put up a link on fb to the song that he proposed to me with…Angel Eyes by Jeff Healey.  As I listened to it, I recalled that evening of how in his old farm house, he put on the song, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  It was the happiest day of my life!  How can that be 20 years ago?  Seems like just a few in a way.  A year and a few days later, we were married.

Each year around Mom & Dad’s anniversary, my three brothers, me and our families all get together, usually for a meal.  This year we met at our home last evening.  Unfortunately, Steve and his family couldn’t make it.  My brother Pat suggested Stacie, his wife, make mom’s goulash.  So that got me thinking to make some of mom’s recipes.  I made her and my grandma’s Strawberry Pretzel Salad/Dessert, mom’s Noodle & Corn Casserole, and her Banana Cake.  Deb, Marty’s wife, made a cucumber salad, just like mom used to make.  I think we all ate until we couldn’t eat anymore! 🙂  It was fun to make and eat some of the dishes mom used to make!

We had such a great time together, last night!  We laughed, shared stories–current ones and ones from our past, and we just had a lot of fun together.  Even Bill commented how fun it was!  The kids had a great time downstairs too, and even though Ali was babysitting last night, she was able to be home in time to see everyone before they left.

I am blessed to have three wonderful brothers, and three wonderful sisters-in-law.  I love my very special nieces and nephews.  God knew what He was doing when he put our family together.  He knew one day our parents wouldn’t be with us on this earth and we’d need each other for times like this.  He knew all four of us would live within 20 minutes of each other.  He intertwined my heart with theirs in a way that unexplainable.  I’m so thankful this morning.  And even though I miss my parents in my life today, I’m so thankful I still have my brothers.  I love them more than my words can even begin to express!

And I am so blessed to have a wonderful man as my husband.  I love, honor and cherish him today, and I’m thankful God chose Bill for me!

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