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Oh what a difference 20+ years can make!

This past weekend I was reminded of Homecomings during my high school days. We didn’t have football at our school, nor in our conference, so our Homecoming events took place during our basketball season. We would have the traditional pajama day, hat day, inside-out or backwards day, spirit day, and etc. during the week of Homecoming where we would wear different attire to school. That was always fun. We would have a pep rally Friday afternoon, and our Homecoming basketball game Friday night. The girls would play first around 6:30, and the boys’ game would follow. We would then all rush to our homes, and get ready for our Homecoming Dance which would take place after the games were over.

At Ali and Zach’s school, Homecoming is done just a little different! 🙂 They had all the different kinds of fun dress up days during the week last week (team day, costume day, 60’s day, spirit day, etc.) The Homecoming parade was Friday afternoon where ALL the students–four elementary schools, intermediate school, middle school and high school–get to attend! Friday night was the Homecoming football game where they beat Jefferson! (Sorry, Karen McCaa!) 🙂 Ali and Zach had a ball at it!

Saturday evening was the high school Homecoming dance. Ali had four friends over Saturday afternoon, and I was privileged enough to do all their makeup! (I have to say they ALL looked beautiful!) Bill and I cooked dinner for the five girls and their dates at our home. Dinner was served around 6:00. We took lots of pictures, they had a Wii tournament, and then left for the dance around 8:15. I had so much fun being a part of this special day and evening for them! I think everyone really enjoyed themselves, especially Bill and I! Even Zach had fun with the guys playing the Wii! 🙂

I have to say it was hard to see our little girl with a “date.” She’s no little girl anymore. 🙂 She sure looked beautiful (as always)!

I still have the dress that I wore to Homecoming my senior year. It’s hanging in my closet. I would have to say the styles of Homecoming dresses have changed in 20+ years! 🙂 What a fun time!

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