Happy Birthday Ali!

by | May 24, 2009 | This Lefe Family

Today our beautiful daughter, Ali, turns 15 years old! She was born ten days late according to our due date, but not according to God’s plan. I remember the day well…

I had my weekly doctor appointment that day in the afternoon. Both Bill and Mom came with me to my appointment. I remember feeling so big and so uncomfortable, and my doctor said she would try to “get things moving.” She did what was called “stripping my membranes” which was EXTREMELY uncomfortable and painful…but it worked! I could hardly walk out of the doctor’s office…my contractions started and I was in pain!

Two hours later, we drove back into the hospital around 4ish. After walking the halls, things progressed quickly. I had an epidural, and couldn’t feel a thing after that! 🙂 I only had to push for about fifteen minutes. Alissa Ann was born at 10:19 PM. She was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 22 inches long. We couldn’t decide on her name…until after seeing her beautiful face…she was either going to be Ashley or Alissa. She looked like an Alissa. 🙂

God has really blessed us with Ali! It is a privilege for me to be her mom. The last fifteen years have been a joy to watch her grow up into this bright, beautiful, caring and loving young woman! She once was a baby with little to no hair, and used to melt me with her cute smile. She’s now almost as tall as her mom, has a beautiful head of hair and still melts me with her cute smile! SHE IS SO VERY SPECIAL!

God has given her so many talents and gifts, and she uses them all very well! Ali has a big heart…she loves her family, her cousins, her nieces and nephews, her aunts and uncles and grandparents. She has many friends and it warms my heart to see her interract with lots of other people. She cares for people at the Mission, and has a heart for the elderly. How she cares for others amazes me!

Ali loves volleyball and is a very talented player! She’s not afraid to try new things…she went out for golf this spring and enjoyed that too! She’s a good singer and is a talented flutist. She is so creative in taking pictures and editing them into something even more beautiful. She is amazing at scrapbooking and drawing. She can organize like no one I’ve ever seen when she puts her mind to it. She has found a love for cooking through her Foods class at school, which makes her mom happy! 🙂

Both her dad and I are so very proud of Ali! It’s a great day to celebrate Ali being 15! The last 15 years have been years full of blessings and many joys! I am so very thankful for Ali today! Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!


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