I’m guessing you made a Christmas list or two as a child. Have you made one recently?

As I was making dinner the other night, I was listening to Christmas music. It’s a common sound in our home as of late. Or wherever I go, for that matter. I have my Spotify Christmas playlist on shuffle and repeat almost all day long. Christmas music stirs my soul, brings joy to my heart, and adds a lift to my step.

What paused my dinner prep was the timeless and beautiful song, “Grown-Up Christmas List.” Amy Grant’s version makes me want to break out in song right along with her. Her version is my favorite. I’ve heard it a bazillion times over the years, but for some reason, I paused and listened as if I was hearing it for the very first time.

The words were fresh to my ears and traveled straight to my heart. About a Christmas list, not a personal list, but one for a world in need. (Our world is in great need, isn’t it?) For lives to not be torn apart, and for wars to never begin. For hearts to be healed by time, and for each person to have a friend. And, for right to win and for love without end.

So beautiful. So lovely. My mind pictured for a moment how splendid life like this could be.

What's on your grown up Christmas list?

It got me thinking of my own grown-up Christmas list.

My eyes became all watery as I stood by my stove and mentally made my list.

  • A cure for cancer.
  • Healing for those I love who are fighting disease, infection, or illness.
  • God’s protection and provision for my family, near and afar.
  • Healing of damaged relationships, broken hearts, and broken dreams.
  • God’s peace and comfort for those grieving the death of loved ones.
  • Our country to turn back to its roots of “one nation under God.”
  • God’s care of those homeless and sleeping in the cold.
  • Those who are looking for hope this season, to find it in Jesus.

Our lists change over the years, don’t they?

Each Christmas my little girl hopes were filled with Santa bringing me what was on my list. Realistically, I hoped for it all, but I would be happy with just one or two of the gifts I wanted. It was thrilling to find out what he left under the tree for me.

The song went on to say how the most beautiful sight to us as children was a present underneath the tree. Yet, how heaven knows those gifts under the tree cannot heal a hurting soul. No, they can’t. (But God can!) As adults our focus often switches from the wrapped gifts under the tree to the gifts that have to do with real life. The ones that can’t be purchased in a store or brought by Santa on Christmas Eve.

What if you and I made another list this Christmas?

I haven’t made a Christmas list for years, but what if you and I did so this year? (I guess I already have with the list above!) Instead of making it to Santa, what if we gave it to the One who can handle our grown-up Christmas lists? The One who is the author of Christmas in the first place? A list that we can take straight to our Heavenly Father, and boldly ask for each item on it because we can’t handle any of it on our own.

You know, God hears our prayers and He answers them according to His plans and purposes. If He gives us what our hearts desire, that will be incredible. If He doesn’t, however, we can trust He has something better planned.

Friend, what’s on your grown-up Christmas list?

So, why not jot down a few things that are coming to mind now? Then take your list to God. Nothing is too big or small for Him. If you care to share your list below (or part of it), I’ll be lifting it up to God with you.

Merry Christmas, my friend.

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