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by | Dec 13, 2017 | The Wonder of Christmas

It’s possible we’ll come in contact with a Grinch or two this Christmas season.

In fact, I was reminded of these Grinches in our world today after recently watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Now, I’m not necessarily referring to those who are grumpy or those who despise Christmas. I’m not even thinking of those who steal our joy or who are mean or unfriendly. The Grinches that come to my mind are the ones whom society considers outcasts, no-goods, untouchables. Just like the one in the childhood fable.

You may recall the story. The Grinch was different. He never quite fit in. Not only did he look different than everyone else in Whoville, but he acted, talked, smelled, and believed differently as well. And because so, he was banished to a mountain and lived like a recluse with his dog, Max.

It’s no wonder his heart was two sizes too small.

He was hastily ridiculed, intentionally avoided, and desperately despised by the townspeople below. Not only did they toss him and his value as a person aside, but they tossed him their garbage and leftovers as well.

It’s no wonder the Grinch resented them and everything they stood for. Even Christmas. Can we blame him? After years of receiving rejection and humiliation, I guess it would be uncommon to behave any differently.

The people of Whoville didn’t know what to do with someone like him… someone who didn’t fit in. Someone so unpredictable. So, they locked their doors and locked their hearts. He didn’t stand a chance in their world.

Their message: People who are different don’t belong

Sure, this is just a story, and some say it’s not true. But, I disagree. I see it play out in real life today, don’t you? There are Grinches living among us who act, talk, smell, and believe differently than we do. Their hearts are are two sizes too small, because they can’t remember what love and acceptance feels like. All they know is rejection and humiliation. They’ve turned to their own mountain to live as a recluse.

But, not everyone in Whoville avoided the Grinch. A little girl by the name of Cindy Lou Who saw beyond what others couldn’t see. She saw the Grinch as a real person. Yes the Grinch was different, but she desired to be his friend. Instead of being afraid, she longed to show him love and compassion. She believed if she did, not only would the Grinch see the world and its people in a different light, but maybe the people of Whoville would too.

You know? It only takes one to make a difference. Cindy Lou Who made a difference, and so can we.

What will we do with the Grinch this Christmas?

What will we do with the Grinch this Christmas?

We can either show him love or keep our hearts locked. We can believe the best in her or believe the worst. It’s our choice. Maybe the love we show, the acceptance we give, the smile we share will help his “heart grow three sizes that day.” Maybe the kind word, the help we extend, the grace we grant will be the beginning of a heart change… in all of us.

After all, God didn’t leave us as outcasts, did He? He demonstrated His love for us in a powerful way… through a baby on Christmas day.

Because of this, the love of God is a reality among us: God sent His only Son into the world so that we could find true life through Him. 1 John 4:9 VOICE

Thanks be to God! Let’s be like Cindy Lou Who and share His love this season with everyone, especially to the Grinches.





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  1. Cindy

    Such a great message! To be a “Cindy Lou Who” takes love AND courage. Courage is something I don’t have a lot of. So, that will be my Christmas prayer: to have the courage to show love to everyone …..even those who may be harder to love than others. You’re inspiring Julie!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Great prayer, Cindy. Yes, she did have courage, didn’t she. May we all have this courage this season and beyond. Bless you, friend!

  2. debbieputman

    I never thought about the Grinch being isolated because he was different. And the Whos had hearts too small to accept the Grinch. Thanks for this insight!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Hi Debbie! Yeah, I tend to see things from that angle often. I want to be sensitive to others around me this season. Praying your season is a beautiful one, reflecting His love and presence! Thanks for being here.



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