When God’s Goodness Is Overwhelming

by | Dec 27, 2015 | Love God

I did my best to freeze time.

As each present was opened. With every smile. In each family selfie. Through the laughter, the fun, and oh, the food. So much food! In the gatherings, large and small. As we sang along with Christmas carols coming through the speakers. In the wonder and sparkle found in each child’s eye.

As we celebrated Jesus’ birth, our holiday became even more special and blessed.

Not because of anything money could buy, or because of any particular moment. But because God’s goodness was unmistakable.

God’s goodness was so real to me, it was nearly overwhelming.

Maybe if I attempted to freeze time it wouldn’t end. Or perhaps I could at least make it last a little longer. I wanted to bask in it for as long as I could.

My attempts to describe in words what I experienced over the last few days continue to fall short. I mean, really, how can I appropriately recount what I call one “God moment” after another?

Intimate occasions that melted my heart as we hosted Christmas with my side of the family.

Receiving the beautiful hospitality of my best friend and her family on Christmas Eve, and the many laughs and love we shared.

Christmas Day filled with memorable moments with the four of us home together all day, complete with our annual special Christmas dinner.

Soaking in the love and appreciation I received on my birthday yesterday, and celebrating with friends last night.

My husband’s family coming together today, and being asked to say the blessing over the meal beforehand.

One incredible gift from God after another.

You’d think He knew the desires of my heart or something.

My friend prayed exactly for that… for God to bless me with the desires of my heart.

And He certainly answered that prayer.

Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NASB

Delight yourself in the Lord Psalm 374Friend, I’m praying this for you today. I’m praying God blesses you with the desires of your heart this week, and into the new year. And, I’m praying God causes each one of us to be keenly aware of His goodness. To the point we’re overwhelmed.

The thing is though, we don’t have to wait until Christmas to experience it. We don’t have to do a certain thing to witness it. God’s goodness is with us always. It’s everywhere we go, and it’s not dependent on us.

But some days I miss it. Some days I’m too focused on the problems, the trials, the urgent and unimportant. It’s quite possible over Christmas I paid attention to it. And in doing so, what a difference it made… in my heart, in my holiday, in my life.

I desire to be aware of God’s goodness every day.

Could this be a part of “delighting myself in the Lord?” I’m thinking so.

Friend, may you and I be all about delighting ourselves in the Lord, and being aware of His goodness as we do. Today, tomorrow, into 2016.

I can’t wait to hear or read about how He blesses you with the desires of your heart in the days to come. (Please share below any He’s blessed you with recently. I’d love to read them!)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Much love,


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    • Julie Lefebure

      I read your post, Andrew. Such comfort in John 3:16. So much truth in your words too. Blessings to you, brother!

  1. Tara



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