Girls’ Night Out

by | Jul 25, 2012 | family

I had the honor of spending the evening tonight with three of my beautiful nieces, Angie, Megan and Sarah.

Last year I started the tradition with my nieces and nephews of taking each of them out for dinner for their birthdays. I absolutely love doing this! With the girls’ schedules and mine being so full, we never went out for any of their birthdays last year. We have been trying to figure something out for quite a while now. When their mom, Deb, said to me last week, “The girls are free now and don’t have any activities going on right now,” I jumped on it.

The three girls wanted to go out together, instead of individually. They chose Carlos O’Kelly’s. We had so much fun! I don’t get to spend much time normally with the girls, so it blessed me to hear about their lives and to soak in life from their perspective. There wasn’t any lull in any of our conversations. We talked about everything from school, to sports, to favorite foods, to different experiences in their lives, etc. I loved their company!

Since we hadn’t given them birthday presents on their birthdays last year (since we never went out), I took them to Target. They each had certain dollar amount to spend. They thought it was Christmas! They found some fun things, and brought it right down to the penny! What bargain shoppers they were…I was impressed!  It was a ball for me to watch them choose the gifts they wanted. 

After Target, we topped the night off with a trip to Orange Leaf. I am really enjoying that place! They each made up their special dessert, and I chose something different than I normally do to. It was yummy!!

I was blessed to spend time with these beautiful girls. They are so kind and are so polite! We had such a fun time together and we laughed a lot! I look forward to taking them out for their birthdays this year too! I smiled as Megan said on the way home, “This was the best night of my life!” 

Happy belated birthday girls!! 🙂 Your Aunt Julie loves you!!

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