Girls’ Day

by | Feb 19, 2011 | friends

Yesterday was such a fun day!  I spent the day with Tina, my best friend for over 30 years!

We met for coffee in the morning and spent a couple of hours there catching up.

We pampered ourselves with manicures at a local salon, which was very fun…and something we both don’t normally do.  We loved her manicure, but didn’t care for mine so much. 🙂

We then traveled to the outlet mall and spent many hours shopping…the funny this is, we only ventured into two clothing stores!!!  (Yes, many hours in only two stores!)  It was so much fun!  I’m confident we gave the ladies working at Maurices something to talk about for quite awhile.  We kept finding more and more things to try on, and had a blast doing it!

(It’s a little hard to see, but we each had a dressing room with our name written on each door.)

I can’t remember the last day I laughed so much.  I even had tears in my eyes a couple of times from what we were laughing about.  (It just dawned on me…that’s the reason why my stomach muscles hurt today!)  We topped off our day, stopping at a small convenience store/gas station and each chose some not-so-healthy snacks for the way home…and laughed some more.  🙂

It was a refreshing day for me…spending the entire day with Tina.  We have found over the years that we need to spend some dedicated time with each other to stay connected.  Even though we now work together, and we are in BSF together and see each other often, we still need some “Tina & Julie time.”  We used to meet for a two hour lunch every week when our schedules allowed.  Since we aren’t able to do that now, we have been creative in finding ways to be in each other’s presence, and to pour into each other’s lives.  Tina and her friendship are so valuable to me.  We share everything with each other, and we know each other so well.  There’s no one like Tina in my life.  I thank God for her!!

Our next scheduled Girls’ Day(s) is in May.  I hope I can wait that long…but until then I will have something special to look forward to…spending time with my BF!!

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