Freshman Year = Finished!

by | Jun 3, 2012 | family life

Thursday was Zach’s last day of his Freshman year. It was also his last day at the Point building (pictured behind Zach in our vehicle). His class was the first to begin in this new building in 7th Grade. And now he’s finished there already, and will move to the high school next year as a Sophomore.

I’m having a hard time believing my “baby” could be this old already.

Zach finished the school year strong. He’s got a busy summer ahead of him with show choir camp, soccer camp, driver’s education class, club soccer try-outs, club soccer starting and hanging out with his friends. 🙂

I’m so proud of my bud! I look forward to a great summer together and watching him grow up into a fine young man in the months ahead!

Great job, Zach! Your Mom loves you!

P.S. Zach got some great news for next year regarding high school choir. He made Chorale Choir and Focal Point Show Choir! Way to go, Buddy! Can’t wait to watch you perform and to cheer you on!

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