Here we go! It’s again Five Minute Friday. I missed last week, as we were in Chicago at the Show Choir National Championships. (My son’s show choir took 3rd Place in the entire nation, by the way!) But it’s good to be back with the Five Minute Friday gang. Here we are, a bunch of fun-loving, writing-loving, life-loving people. We free-write for five minutes on a one word prompt, and come together at Kate Motaung’s place to share and encourage. Join the fun, either here in the comments, on a scratch piece of paper, or on your blog. It’s an incredibly freeing thing to let the words fly.

This week’s prompt:



Nearly a year and a half ago a door slammed shut in my life.

Not just any door, but one I had been called to walk through for half a decade to serve God and His people.

I knew then God slammed it shut. I had my guesses as to why, but as the months have slipped by, it has become more and more clear. It’s been like putting together a puzzle, piece by piece. The picture isn’t fully visible yet, but it’s getting there. There’s just a few more pieces missing.

But the picture that’s very clear to me is, He’s protected me from more than I will ever know by closing that door.

I’m thankful He slammed that door shut. Oh, so thankful.

door edited 02And as He did, He’s opened many wonderful doors for me to walk through. Doors full of opportunity, adventure, beauty and growth. And most of all, doors of His love, grace, provision, and presence..

Friend, if a familiar door is being slammed shut in your life, maybe God is the one closing it. Maybe, just maybe, He’s protecting you from something, or has another door just waiting for you… one that will be suited perfected just for you.

Walk it out with God. Walk through the door He opens for you. He which one is best.



What’s that verse again?

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he’ll make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6

Trusting Him is the best thing for our lives.

Have a blessed day!


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