First Day of School

by | Aug 19, 2010 | fall, family, summer

Today is Ali and Zach’s first day of school for this school year.  I am sad for how fast our summer went, and that it’s coming to a close, but yet, I’m looking forward to our new fall schedule. 

Ali is now a junior and Zach is in 8th grade (gulp).  They have grown up so fast.  A junior?  My youngest is an 8th grader?  How can that be?  I remember my junior year, almost as if it was only five years ago.  And now I have a daughter who’s starting her junior year.  Doesn’t seem possible. 

I am so proud of them though.  I am grateful for them, their attitudes and for who God is growing them up to be.  I am also proud of Ali, who on her last official day of summer break, spent yesterday at school, helping out at Sophomore orientation.  She could have chosen to stay home, sleep in and be lazy yesterday or do something fun with her friends on her last summer break day, but she instead chose to get involved and help others at school…and have fun doing it!  I am so proud of her!

I thank God for the wonderful summer we had as a family. I think it was our best. I thank Him for our health, for keeping us safe in every way, and for the joy He has brought us daily and for the memories we created together!

As we embark on this new year, I am covering Ali and Zach in prayer.  I’m also asking God to help me with our new family schedule…my Mission of Hope work schedule, working in my Mary Kay, BSF starting next month, Bill’s new work schedule, Ali and Zach’s school and sports schedules, etc.  I know He’ll give me what I need, as long as I continue to stay in His will for me.

I feel I am a very blessed mom this morning…and very thankful!  Happy New School Year! 🙂

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