So, What Will You Do With The Extra Day This Year?

by | Feb 28, 2020 | #open2020

In case we’ve forgotten, 2020 is a leap year. Leap years are in place to synchronize the calendar with the seasons. This way we won’t have to eventually face celebrating Christmas in July! As a result, a day gets added to our calendar every four years in February. Instead of 28 days, we have 29. That means we have 366 days this year instead of 365. Yes, some call this a pain, but I call it a gift. (So do the ones who celebrate their birthdays on this day!) This extra day is tomorrow. It’s literally the gift of an extra day. So, what will we do with it?

What will you do with the gift of this extra day?

I say open it! Sadly, I’ve been one to not appreciate this extra day in the past. With it arriving every four years, I cannot remember how I spent it the last time it rolled around. That tells me I probably didn’t spend it impactfully. It’s likely I didn’t consider it the gift that it is. In pondering how I will spend tomorrow, I’m sharing the list below.

What will you do with the extra day?

10 impactful ways to make leap day count:

1. Laugh.

Laughter is good for our souls and our bodies. Today’s data shows laughter can soothe tension, and relieve stress. Yes, please! It may also improve our immune systems, relieve pain, and improve our moods. Laughter is just what we need when days are hectic and stressful. Allow laughter to fill your extra day!

2. Share life.

You and I are designed for community. To do life with others. To come alongside of each other to share life. Certainly, God has given you and me gifts to share with those around us. If we don’t share them, the world misses out on those gifts. For example, take your spouse on a date. Meet a friend for coffee. Visit your home-bound neighbor. Spend time with your child. Consequently, sharing life with others is powerful and impactful!

3. Read truth.

I find lasting encouragement for my soul every time I sit down and open my Bible. No matter what I experience during the day, encouraging truth helps me keep my head and heart lifted. It not only gets me through the tough days, but it keeps my thoughts from spiraling downward. Take a few moments to read some passages from your Bible, or at, or through YouVersion Bible app, and witness for yourself how reading truth can positively impact your day.

4. Pray.

Prayer is another way I begin my day. Prayer is having a conversation with God. When I think about that reality for a moment–me having a conversation with God–that humbles me to my core. How can it be that I could converse with my Creator? That’s nothing short of amazing! Prayer can involve praise, thanks, confession, and giving God our needs and requests. There’s no right way or wrong way to pray. God just desires for us to spend time with Him. Every day is a perfect day to do so.

5. Journal.

Journaling is a great tool for mental health. I enjoy documenting truths I’m learning, prayers I’m praying, and thoughts I’m thinking. It also helps me keep my thoughts organized, and helps me reflect on life and lessons. As a result, I’m finding it lowers the negative stress I sometimes feel and it helps me be more creative. Plus, journaling helps me remember important events and aids me to see how God is working in my life. Maybe take a few moments to journal about your leap day?

6. Send a note.

There’s power in the written word, isn’t there? And, there’s even more power when the written word is in your own writing. So, why not send a note to those who are your mind, to tell them how much they mean to you or that you are thinking of them? As a result, your note could be the encouragement they need in that very moment. If nothing else, even sending a text or email can make a difference.

7. Help someone.

Someone in our lives needs our help. Is a friend moving? Could you bless someone with a meal? Would it be helpful to watch another’s child for a couple hours so mom or dad could have a break? Giving of our time and helping another is a powerful way to spend the day!

8. Rest and refresh.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to take a day to rest and refresh our weary souls. You and I can only give what we have. When we keep pouring ourselves out without taking time to fill back up, we end up depleted and empty. Consequently, we get to the point we have nothing to give. Maybe resting is the best way to spend this extra day. Allow yourself to do so, without any guilt.

9. Declutter.

I don’t know about you, but I have areas in my life that could stand some decluttering: my closet, my office, my mind, and my schedule. It would feel empowering to clear out the clutter in any of those areas. Maybe tomorrow would be a great day to at least start?

10. Stretch yourself.

When was the last time you or I stretched ourselves? When was the last time you or I learned a new skill or tried something new? An impactful way to spend leap day would be to step out of our comfort zones and do something different. Go for that jog. Try a new recipe or a new food. Attend a workshop. Read a book to expand your thinking. The possibilities are endless!

Friend, now it’s up to us. What will you do with this extra day? I haven’t quite decided yet, but I plan to document what I do tomorrow in my Instagram stories. It might not be that earth-shattering, but I promise, it will be intentional. No matter what you do on leap day, I pray you and others are blessed. Isn’t this a great way to spend any day we’re given? After all, each day is a precious gift. Let’s celebrate each one!


What will you do with the extra day?
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  1. Kim

    Heading to Fresh Grounded Faith women’s conference tonight and tomorrow w 2 dear friends. One moved last summer.

    • Julie Lefebure

      What a perfect way to spend this extra day, Kim! Enjoy!!


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