Experiencing Summer 2013 – July 5

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Experiencing Summer 2013 June 19-July 5

I can’t say enough what a wonderful summer it’s been so far for our family! The memories we have made are numerous and priceless. My last Experiencing Summer 2013 post was on June 18. I haven’t had as much time as I would like to share on my blog, simply because we’ve been busy living out our summer and spending time together. Today I’ll attempt to catch up on some of that. 🙂

Our vacation officially began on June 22. We traveled to the Mississippi River area and spent the day that Saturday at the Lazy River Fest with my brother and sister-in-law, Pat & Stacie. It was a beautiful day, filled with relaxation and many, many laughs!

 Boats (and a lot of debris) on the river
 Stacie and Pat

 Stacie and me
The famous pink elephant I can remember seeing as a child.

The very next morning we headed out to Pensacola Beach for our vacation. I’ll make a separate post with plenty of fun pictures of our trip.

We arrived back home early Sunday morning.

July 1 I attended my nieces’ softball games…Angie, Megan & Sarah.

Sarah at bat

Megan catching

Angie stealing 2nd
What talented players they each are.
The following night we cheered nephews Patrick and Bennett on in their baseball games.
 Ali with Patrick, Reagan & Bennett
With Godson, Bennett
July 3 on a whim, I went shorter with my hair. Bill calls is my “summer ‘do 2.0.” I’m enjoying the new look… and the ease of it! Thanks, Tracy!!
Bill and I went to 4th Fest. Saw Beaker Brothers and 38 Special in concert. A perfect date night!

Songs like Caught Up in You, Back Where You Belong, Hold on Loosely, and Rockin Into The Night took me right back to my teenage years. 🙂  It was a fun night out with Bill!
Bill and I rode the tandem 30 miles yesterday. Our longest ride together so far. It as a beautiful, sunny, low-humidy day. Stopped at the campground where our friends Brian and Renae were camping. Returned home and a migraine hit. 🙁 Laid low the rest of the night and enjoyed the evening at brother Pat’s.
Looking forward to a weekend filled with fun things ahead!
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