Experiencing Summer 2013 – July 21-28

by | Jul 29, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Bill left for RAGBRAI on Saturday, July 20. The ride began the next day in Council Bluffs. Bill sent me a few pictures along his way. 🙂

Packing up to head west…

Bill’s home each night…

Monday, as I shared in My Juror Experience post, I was called for jury duty. All day Monday and Tuesday I was busy with that. As I wrote, it was an interesting experience.

Monday night, I met up with life-long friends Sheila and Karen for a wonderful evening out. We met at my home and enjoyed dinner in Amana together. I miss these two greatly, and my heart was encouraged as we spent some fun time together.

Wednesday I traveled to see Bill on RAGBRAI. It was wonderful to see my honey in his element! Our time together was a blessing, and dinner with him was wonderful. I am so thankful he decided to do something for himself and followed through on that commitment. I was and am so, so proud of him.
Friday night we went to the races again. Tina and her family joined as as well. It was another great time at the race track. Brian took 2nd place. This has been a blast spending Friday nights at the race track! 🙂

We picked up Bill Saturday after he finished RAGBRAI. So thankful to have him home! 
Yesterday we spent our “engagement anniversary” at Fireside Winery, shopping and dinner at Iguana’s. He proposed to me 22 years ago yesterday. I’m so glad I said “yes” all those years ago. It was a beautiful day together!
Have I mentioned we are loving this summer?? 🙂
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