Christmas Has Captured My Heart

by | Dec 6, 2012 | Christmas, Jesus

The Christmas tree is up. The lights and decorations outside are hung. (One strand of lights already has a problem.) Presents are ready to be wrapped and Christmas cards are almost ready to be taken to the mailbox.

Christmas has captured my heart once again. Not the tree, not the shopping, not the decorations, nor the presents. But Christmas, itself.

I guess I can summarize it best in what I read this morning in one of my Christmas devotionals:

“Christmas is not about the holiday spirit that rushes toward us the day after Thanksgiving and compels us to shop, spend and eat. Christmas is about the Holy Spirit bringing peace and joy through a Baby Boy to the mess that we have made of planet earth. It is about the power of heaven’s reality invading one life. Christmas commences the moment a person realizes the longing that has always existed to be overshadowed by all that He is and all that He does!”

This devotional has inspired me each morning, and has helped me to keep my focus on Christmas…the real Christmas, and not on all the other stuff. I still like to decorate and play Christmas music and give gifts. But I want to celebrate God’s gift to us, Jesus, as I do all those things. There’s a whole lot more joy!

As I read last night about Syria having “chemical weapons locked and loaded,” and as I read this morning of questions whether this could trigger Biblical prophecies, I know I am secure. I know that no matter what happens, God has me. Because of that Baby Boy who was born on Christmas, I have no need to fear. I am safe in the Shepherd’s arms.

I pray that Christmas has captured your heart, and that you are safe in the Shepherd’s arms as well. He came to earth to lead us home. Merry Christmas, friends!

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