Breaking Ground

by | Mar 16, 2012 | This Lefe Family

It was such a beautiful morning.  I was sitting on our front steps, enjoying a cup of coffee and soaking up the sun just before noon.  Our three outside cats were sprawled on the steps around me.  I was waiting for Bill to get home from work, as he worked twelve hours last night.

I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard a tractor in the distance, coming down our road.  The sound of the engine became louder and louder, and I could hear the tractor starting to slow down.  I thought maybe it could be our neighbor or even my brother on one of his tractors.  In a matter of seconds, I was surprised to see Bill driving that tractor and pulling into our driveway!

There he was…the man I fell in love with.  Just like I remember him 20 years ago…driving a tractor, sunglasses on, his one hand on the steering wheel, the other giving me a thumbs up, and a smile on his face.  The whole scene melted my heart. 🙂  It’s been years since I’ve seen him behind the wheel of a tractor.  I told him it was good to see him driving a tractor again.  He responded, “It felt pretty good too.”

Bill drove the tractor home from the “farm,” and planned to begin “breaking ground” for Zach’s new soccer field east of our home.  Zach’s 15th birthday is in a couple of weeks…this is part of his birthday present.  Bill worked all afternoon leveling and smoothing out the field that had corn growing in it last year.  I can picture it now…looking out our kitchen window and seeing grass growing out there and a regulation-sized soccer goal!   It’s an understatement to say Zach is thrilled!

As I mentioned, Bill worked twelve hours last night, and worked all day out there today.  He’s just going to bed now, and will be working again tonight.  I don’t know how he does it.  Is there anything this husband of mine can’t do??!!

Have I mentioned lately just how blessed I am to be this man’s wife??!!

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