An Auction, Volleyball, a Snowstorm and a Fire

by | Mar 29, 2009 | This Lefe Family

What does an auction, volleyball, a snowstorm and a fire have in common? These are things I’ve either enjoyed or experienced in my day today!

My day today began at 5:20 a.m. I slept twenty minutes longer than normal…it seemed like it took everything out of me to get out of bed today! 🙂 Ali and I needed to be on the road to school at 6:45, and I had lots to do before that! Ali had a volleyball tournament at her high school today…her last one of the regular season. Next weekend we go to Regionals, which is always a fun way to end the club volleyball season.
After getting Ali to school, I drove ten minutes back in the direction I came to go to my grandmother’s estate auction. Since she has moved to a care facility in Missiouri, her daughter, my aunt Wendy, was having an auction to move all that my grandmother no longer needed out of my grandmother’s home. The new owners of her home take possession on April 1.

Seeing some of my grandmother’s “treasures” really brought back many childhood memories of times when we could go to her home. She was always a wonderful cook, and going to her home was always a full-day affair with my family. I brought home some of those treasures…my grandmother’s cedar chest, my aunt’s first snow sled with runners (I could have used that sled today!), a few of my grandmother’s dishes, her toaster (we need a new one), a beautiful lamp, and a few other odds and ends. It was an enjoyable morning spending it with my brothers, my sister-in-laws and my aunt. (Bill was home taking care of the boys from Zach’s sleep-over last night.)

At 1:30ish p.m. I left the auction to go back to school to Ali’s volleyball tournament. They had won all of their games all morning, and only lost two for the entire day! They took third place out of nine teams…they played so well! Ali sure loves volleyball!

I’m not sure what time the snow started, but sometime during the afternoon while we were in the gym, snow began to fall…A LOT OF IT! Driving home from the tournament was NOT fun…the roads were very snow covered and slippery. It took us twice as long to get home, going 30 mph most of the way! Needless to say, Ali didn’t drive home today. 🙂 I was hoping we’d be done with the snow since spring has officially arrived and since it’s almost April! And it’s still snowing as I write this! Ugh!

Now I’m enjoying time in front of the fire that Bill built in the fireplace tonight…this very well may be the last time of the season we’ll be able to enjoy a fire, so we are taking advantage of it! It feels wonderful!

It was a great, but full day! I’m exhausted tonight, and I’m thinking I’m going to sleep VERY well tonight! Happy Saturday to you!
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